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    Newest Discoveries

    Has you discovered a new band want to let others know about them. Then post your latest finds here to help these bands get a little more exposure.

    I'll start off:

    1 - Thulcandra - German melodic black/death metal. Pretty solid Dissection worship imo. Their new album "Under A Frozen Sun" includes a guest appearance from V Santura of Dark Fortress / Triptykon.

    2 - Vallenfyre - Old school crusty British death metal. Think of a cross between Asyphyx, Autopsy, Dismember and Entombed. Its a project created by Greg Makintosh (Paradise Lost) that features members of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and At The Gates.

    3 - Darkest Era - Irish heavy/celtic folk metal. Their sound is often compared to that of Primordial.

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