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Bronies and ponies who like metal of any kind!

This is, as you would expect, a place for people who like metal and ponies. If you only like one or the other (or neither) and still want to join for whatever reason, feel free!

Rules and suggestions:

- The #1 most important rule: don't be a dick. This really sums up just about everything here. Treat others with basic kindness and respect and you'll probably do fine.
- You're encouraged to contribute! Post shouts, start threads, etc. Most of the discussion here is about metal and/or ponies but by no means is that a strict rule. We're a pretty welcoming group, so don't be shy!
- Bashing of any artist IS tolerated, even other metal artists. Don't hold back. Having a negative opinion of an artist doesn't put you in violation of the "don't be a dick" rule.
- Suggestions for the group are always welcome. There are no stupid suggestions, just suggestions that we say no to.
- Spoilers of any new episodes should be kept in the appropriate thread for the 48 hours following the episode. Keep them out of the shoutbox and such until then.

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  • hamitic

    MLP is dead

    13 Ago 21h11 Responder
  • miasmata

    I'm still... kind of keeping up with the show. I probably only really considered myself a brony for a short time. My stance on anime has remained unchanged over the years; it is something I think has the potential to be really cool, but also is something I just don't really care about.

    28 Jul 8h13 Responder
  • ThePaintedGrey

    @TylerSymes That's what has happened to me for sure. ;o Still love the pone show, but not sure if I'd call myself a "brony" anymore. Was a fun ride tho, and I'm quite thankful for all the awesome people I know now because of it. Anyways, just stopping by this shoutbox for a bit of nostalgia, as well as to beat myself on the head for still not catching up with the new season yet. >.> Darn animez. Also, glad to see the music chart is still pretty kickass (Blind Guardian and Agalloch ftw). Peace.

    17 Jul 16h42 Responder
  • jh27anspuceau

    wow now this is a bad group

    2 Jul 1h11 Responder
  • TylerSymes

    Is it just me or has most bronies move to anime?

    23 Mai 22h20 Responder
  • Pretzhog

    The Metal Furries group is a go. Any metalhead furs on here who wanna to join?

    2 Abr 12h22 Responder
  • crazytribe

    I mostly just hang around Derpibooru now :P

    1 Abr 4h02 Responder
  • Pretzhog

    Bonus points to anyone who can name my current avatar.

    23 Mar 4h28 Responder
  • Soulwounder

    Okay, Maud Pie is best pony

    18 Mar 12h54 Responder
  • Soulwounder

    << Scanty approves @Maxson924

    7 Mar 22h33 Responder
  • maxson924

    I don't even watch the show anymore. The only reason I'm still here is for the cool people.

    5 Mar 16h26 Responder
  • Soulwounder

    In other words, It's better off just sperging at other things rather than sperging over a cartoon about multicolor ponies

    1 Mar 19h38 Responder
  • Soulwounder

    @Pretzhog Ditto. Ever since I watched the show, I never felt I could connect to the fanbase or the brony label. I just appreciated the show for what it is and the character development at the time was pretty impressive. Now, I just cringe at certain aspects the show has taken itself to and now it's just like every show out there now. It's repetitive. I feel like OneyNG's description of the show fits it perfectly now; animation impressive, but it's still a predictable mundane cartoon only made for little girls, and I swear if you say it's only made for grown men, so help I will go Liam Neeson Taken on you

    1 Mar 19h35 Responder
  • Pretzhog

    To be honest, I kind of want to step down from this group. I've just haven't been getting the same warm feeling I used to anymore from anything pony related. However, I don't want to leave because looking back, I've watched this group grow from just me, to 200+ people. It's bittersweet like that. Though I'm thinking of just starting a group dedicated to Legendz: Tales of the Dragon Kings. If anyone's interested, I might just start it up. Send me a comment or private message if you're interested.

    28 Fev 4h17 Responder
  • WeihnachtsWolf

    Yeah, it's not bad.

    23 Fev 15h00 Responder
  • Ktulu

    This shout is too inactive when the season has been really good so far :|

    21 Fev 21h05 Responder
  • AGRESSOR_rus

    Equestria Metallers

    8 Fev 12h35 Responder
  • crazytribe


    4 Fev 23h51 Responder
  • cave--dog

    like the connected artists lol

    1 Fev 10h01 Responder
  • WeihnachtsWolf

    Found a interesting article about the US-mexican border issues and Brujeria. Might interest a few mexicans/Brujeria fans:

    29 Jan 16h05 Responder
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