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Hip Hop/Alternative
Max Dupslaff
Savage, MN
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I love making music. I love reading every comment on this page, but I don't really use Facebook as a communication tool. If you want to contact me, shoot me an email at
The music I create isn't really what I would call Hip-Hop/Rap, but more Alternative Hip-Hop. I make every song from scratch: the lyrics, the instruments played (most of the tracks have live guitar recorded), and the beat. My recording studio is my bedroom at home, and I produce, record, mix, and master all of my music myself.
I grew up, and still live, in Minnesota. The first part of my life was not much different than any other kid growing up outside the cities. When I was 17, though, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma. I went through about nine months of treatment, and afterward I went on to recover and go to my first year of college. I'm now officially two years cancer free, and I have one summer to make my dream of music come true before I go back to school. Thanks for checking out my page, and if you like the music, share it around!
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