What's your most played Paul Song?

    • rykowolf disse...
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    • Dez 27 2008, 8h23

    What's your most played Paul Song?

    Check your Library and find out your "Most Played" Paul song and Wings song. Post here what you like about it in particular.

    Mine are respectively: "Fine Line" and "Country Dreamer". I like the bare acoustic sound on the latter and its simple, sweet lyrics.

    • imacgirl disse...
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    • Dez 30 2008, 5h01
    My most played Paul song is "Every Night". Been my favorite for years.
    My most played Wings song is "Hi HI Hi". Not my favorite Wings song, but a good little rocker nonetheless.

    Good to see you back on last.fm rykowolf (:

  • By Paul, Momma Miss America
    By The Wings, Jet

    • rykowolf disse...
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    • Out 16 2009, 18h01
    ang_arctmonk:" McCartney" is the album that I most listen to all the way through without skipping a track. It's short, warm and strange :)

  • "On the Way" by Paul
    "Let Me Roll It" by The Wings =)

    • drupelet disse...
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    • Set 2 2010, 12h33
    Paul McCartney – Lonely Road
    Wings – Silly Love Songs

    • ilsonowl disse...
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    • Nov 28 2010, 22h07
    Maybe I'm Amazed
    Let Me Roll It

  • Paul McCartney – This Never Happened Before
    Paul McCartney & Wings – Band on the Run

  • C Moon
    Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 9 2011, 18h44
    Technically "Yesterday," but "Maybe I'm Amazed" is my favorite song released under just Paul's name.

  • Monkberry Moon Delight :)

    • karish12 disse...
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    • Out 8 2012, 18h49

    Mrs Vandebilt ( ho Hey ho )

    Great great Wings Song ! Its Now Included In Gold Collection 3 Cd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul: Beautiful Night

    Wings: A tie between Junior's Farm and Mrs. Vandebilt.

    (Yes, my Wings music is tagged improperly, but I see no need to split a band's music based on the arbitrary whims of record company execs.)

    "Nunca vendas tu destino por el oro ni la comodidad."
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