Sell out bands

  • FOB are sellouts. in every aspect of the word. im not someone who uses that phrase a lot, because it would take a lot of energy/work/luck/skill/whatever, to manage to make it as an underground band. fugazi did it, and they are amongst the most respectable band ive ever heard.
    anyway, back to FOB. Before the boy was falling out, pete wentz and ithink the drummer were in another band, an extremely radical left wing hardcore band. this band wrote songs about how the music should come first, and how signing to a major label is wrong. all that shit about the bullshit abuot major labels. then the band broke up, and they decided to create a pop punk group ready for radioplay. completely switched what they were about. if ur goal is to become a radio hit, best of luck friend, but when ur going on about how bad mainstream is and how u need to be underground and how u say that those ideals define ur life, and after a little while you completely abandon them, to get money and teenage girls, thats despicable. music should be honest. honest to what u believe, how u act, what u feel, what u think about, and when it isnt, is when we have a problem. FOB is a perfect example of that problem.

    • creeco disse...
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    • Mar 18 2009, 20h28

    Fallout Boy Never sold out.. 'Cause they were never good.. Pete might have sold out, but that's a different story. He's a bitch on pair with Fred Durst or Kevin Federline anyways.

  • i love green day.
    but i totally HATE they selling out the new album at MTV.

    btw, Good Charllote, Paramore, The Killers.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 1 2009, 1h33
    AFI still good but, eh. Fall Out Boy used to be good, and paramores just straight up bad.

    • formulas disse...
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    • Mai 23 2009, 19h57
    greenday, gayest band ever

    I love free fresh pussy
  • MTV is the beggining of the end

    80% of the bands that hit mtv's charts, just fall into a spiral down after in their music quality like The killers their new album is just shameful, Greenday has done the same type of album for the last years, Now that's creative guys! (LOL), anyway read more in my blog

  • asgrgfhfg

    eeuhh people nirvana .. metallica .. alice in chains ?! any1 know those bands /? fuck mtv.. they destroyed em

  • Papa Roach were bearable their first few albums, then they suddenly became emo rock and their music was from then on, ear-gougingly bad.

    • NoooFun disse...
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    • Out 27 2012, 16h42
    MTV destroyed nothing, the bands destroyed themselves.

  • Linkin Park

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