Cell Phone Culture Group

  • Cell Phone Culture Group

    New Lo-Fi music group called "Cell Phone Culture"


    A new Lo-Fi music group has been created that is dedicated to cell phone usage in creating music. More specifically this group takes a closer look at artists that use cell phones to record music. This appears to be a relatively new phenomenon and the invention of this process could possibly be attributed to Lo-Fi Terrorist (Utrecht, Netherlands) See; http://www.myspace.com/lofiterrorist (If you have contrary information please tell us). Later inspired by the discovery of Lo-Fi Terrorist's unique recording process on Myspace, home recording artist Quint Baker (New Zealand) decided to create a series of audio tracks titled "Quint Baker 2010" which use samples created with a cell phone. See also; http://www.myspace.com/quintbaker2010 You are welcome to assist the development of the Cell Phone Culture group by submitting links and information of artists that you have discovered and/or allow us to view works that you yourself may have created using a cell phone.


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