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Criado em: 25 Mai 2004
Group for one of the UK's most subtley successful bands of the past two decades, the Levellers.
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With thousands, perhaps millions of fans all over Europe and a respectable elite following in further shores, the Levellers are one of the most quietly successful British bands of the past two decades. With their propulsive rock-tinged folky style and instantly memorable anthemic instrumentation and vocals, they sold more gold, silver and platinum albums in the 90's than any other UK artist or band.

Transcending typical dogmatic trends of targeting specific demographics, the Levellers appeal to many warks of life - punks, nans, kids, hippies, businessmen and metalheads you can expect to see at their live shows, which are commonly regarded as one of the best live experiences you could ever attend - from small acoustic gigs at pubs to several-thousand capacity venues, both of which tend to be full to the brim!

They tour constantly, founded the highly popular Metway Studios in Brighton and host one of the most diverse and good-natured festivals in the UK, Beautiful Days. They have 8 brilliant studio albums to their name amongst a great deal of arguably as satisfying low-key material - this includes an impressive B-side catalogue, many impromptu non-released songs and several brilliant collaborations with fellow folk/acoustic gurus such as Nick Harper, McDermott's Two Hours and Rev Hammer.

Have a listen, then JOOOOIN UUUUUUS! ^__^

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  • guyw30

    Saw the Levellers live (for the 6th or 7th time) at The Wedgewood rooms in Portsmouth last night - if you've never seen them you're really missing out. As good, if not better than 20 years ago - Brilliant!

    26 Nov 2010 Responder
  • Immortella

    ...she came up to me said, wanna know a mystery - there's a whole wide world for you to see you're just a player in the game...

    9 Out 2010 Responder
  • arnbak

    Politicians and industrialists! bankers, bent scientists, chief constables, generals, all the gentry and their brats, will dance on the wall when the bastards fall, in an English country garden!

    26 Mar 2009 Responder
  • Immortella

    . . . so take the time to ramble in a million different ways cos theres a million paths to travel n theres hope yet in the rain and a voice in the distant thunder. . .

    1 Mar 2009 Responder
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