• uaLL disse...
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    • Nov 29 2008, 16h30

    Last FM Icon


    hab mir das App lastfm gesaugt, und nun hab ich dieses Symbol rechts oben in der Statusbar.
    Jedoch verschwindet dieses, wenn ich das Springboard aus irgend nem Grund neu lade :/
    Kennt von euch einer das Problem, bzw weiß wie mans fixed? ^^


    I downloaded lastfm app, but the icon right on status bar dissapear when i restart my springboard,
    any bug fixes known?

    leise nn
  • Hello,

    The icon in the status bar is not related to the Last.fm iPhone app. It's from a 3rd party scrobbling application, either scrobbled or scrobble, which is not supported by us.


    • uaLL disse...
    • Usuário
    • Dez 6 2008, 15h50



    thanks for your reply!
    What about adding such icon to your official last.fm app? :)
    it would be greaaaaat i love that :)

    leise nn
  • The official Apple SDK does not currently support putting icons in the notification area.

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