Unofficial WebApp - Updated!

    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 19 2008, 15h04

    Unofficial WebApp - Updated!

    Please, this is a free program available on AppStore:
    Thank you!
    Hello friends! New Feature included! Recent Loved Tracks
    My WebApp (still beta version) is updated! Please, use my program at link:

    Please, access by iPhone or iPod Touch.
    Remember: My program only show your stats e don´t play music at Last.FM.

    Thank You for use my program!!!
    Please, visit my group:

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  • if you include lastfm:// links, you can get the stations to open up in the official iPhone app :)

    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 19 2008, 17h12

    Wow... Great tip!

    Thanks for the tip musicmobs... I'll try!!!

  • Nice web app ! Great job.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 21 2008, 10h29
    very nice! But can't you change the icon on the homescreen to the old icon. You know that one in red saying "as" (the official icon is now in ugly orange)
    Then it would be a killer web app!


    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 21 2008, 17h50

    I'll change icon!

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    • immorak disse...
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    • Set 22 2008, 15h51
    Does this track music play on

    Deathbox Productions
    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 22 2008, 16h20

    Track Music Play

    Hello immorak!
    I am working this! My Web App plays music on Official App available on App Store. Thanks!

    • alvareo disse...
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    • Set 25 2008, 14h50

    and what about...

    this: ? (access it from iPhone/iPod touch) it's better, and official... oh btw, the lastfm:// links are wrongly written., they are supposed to be, for example, lastfm://music/Pink+Floyd , NOT lastfm://

    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 25 2008, 17h05

    Hello alvareo!

    My program is a BETA version.
    Thanks for your comments. My program is better than official because I can see my albums (the coverart and pictures) and others informations.
    Did you see the "Last Visitors"?
    P.S.: The link has been updated.

    • alvareo disse...
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    • Set 25 2008, 22h50

    you're right!

    i hope your app gets the features from the official, making it a perfect App!!
    oh and if you meant you fixed the lastfm:// links, sorry but they're still wrong.

    Best regards,


    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 26 2008, 11h01

    Link broken

    Let's wait a new official version App. I think that link's problem 'll be solved.
    I am studying new features for my program. My opinion is that my program is more beautiful and more clean. That´s only MY opinion.
    In the next week, I'll be starting a new project for a new NATIVE unnofficial app.
    Thanks for your attention.

    • lunaxeos disse...
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    • Set 26 2008, 12h00
    Very good work!!!
    From Italy!!!
    I like your WebApp very much!

    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 26 2008, 19h55

    New Feature - MY STATS

    Thanks by 115 unique users on 1 week only!
    Please, enjoy my new feature: MY STATS.
    You don't know how many musics you already listened...
    Thanks again by use my Web App!

    Visit and join at my group:

    • alvareo disse...
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    • Set 27 2008, 0h01
    eu só falei que eu esperava que sua App sea melhor que a oficial!!

  • in Mexico

    Hi I live in Mexico, and the aplication is not available in apple store yet, can you post a version of it in Cydia so that we can also enjoy this wonderfull aplication.


    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Set 29 2008, 19h41

    This is a Web App

    My app don't need install. it is a Web App.
    Please, just access on Safari:
    Thanks for use it!

    • Tannyz disse...
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    • Set 29 2008, 21h12
    This app it's quite good, thanks for sharing & spreading ^.^

    If tomorrow is judgement day
    And I’m standing on the front line
    And the Lord asks me what I did with my life
    I will say I spent it with you...
    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Out 3 2008, 14h46

    New Feature - Recent Loved Tracks

    Please, use my Web App @:

    • mds2k01 disse...
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    • Jan 14 2009, 19h12

    Native iPhone App almost done!

    I am waiting for my Apple Developer Program registry. After this, my native iPhone App for 'll be available.
    Some screenshots tomorrow!

    • mds2k01 disse...
    • Usuário
    • Jan 19 2009, 18h19

    New App Video

    If you want see my App Video (in Portuguese)
    I am waiting for Apple Developer Program approval.
    Let me know if you want be a beta tester...
    Thank you!

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