iPod Touch Won't Scrobble

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    • Abr 2 2012, 4h53

    iPod Touch Won't Scrobble

    iTunes scrobbles perfectly fine, it's my iPod that won't do anything.

    I've made sure I have the most current version of everything, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've gone through the FAQs on here, and for some reason my iPod Touch just refuses to scrobble any music that I listen to with it.

    Annoying! I'm hoping someone here can help. I started having this problem when I upgraded from my iPod Classic to the iPod Touch.

    I'm running Windows 7, and I definitely have the most current versions of iTunes and the last.fm scrobbler.

    iTunes ver.
    last.fm scrobbler ver.
    iTunes plugin ver.

    I always sync my iPod automatically.

    Hopefully someone can help.


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    • Abr 3 2012, 16h24
    Screw the last.fm scrobble methods via the computer app. Just get CloudScrob for your iPod and that's all you need. Play your songs on your ipod, then open the app, hit scrobble -- boom your done!

  • Since about a week back I haven't been able to scrobble anything from my iPod Touch either. I've got the most recent versions of everything I need, and I have been able to scrobble before.

    The plays on my iPod transfer to iTunes, but the last.fm app doesn't catch them. I've previously been able to scrobble from it.

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