not available on this device in your country

    • Eyeigore disse...
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    • Jan 10 2011, 13h34 not available on this device in your country

    Is this a joke? I live in the United States, how can it not be available? I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling, but if that doesn't work, then this is ridiculous. It's worked for the past month, and today it stops.

    After reinstalling, it doesn't work.

    • cwpanti disse...
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    • Jan 25 2011, 21h58

    the same in romania...

    i am a subscriber and still wp7 says it doesnt work here

    • Naecky disse...
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    • Jan 28 2011, 19h15

    same in switzerland

    Same over here in freaking cold switzerland -.-

    • noxxxo disse...
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    • Fev 7 2011, 17h09

    and in Finland

    C'moon I'm a paid subscriber, works with Android..

  • i can't understand or or may be microsoft politics

    On Xbox and wp7 - not available in your country, but on PC and Symbian - all works fine in same network. Very, very strange...

    • Fajauna disse...
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    • Abr 11 2011, 9h07

    In Switzerland

    I'm a paid subsiber in Switzerland. It works on PC, but not with my brand new Nexus S. I can't belief it..

    • bfrei disse...
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    • Mai 9 2011, 2h21

    Paying subscriber, but can't get on Windows Phone 7 in Singapore

    Come on guys, that's a good way to lose your audience. Why should I fork up every month without getting the app, and others get both service and app for free?

  • "I live in the United States, how can it not be available?". Oh dear.

    Youth knows no pain.
    • nitrovo disse...
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    • Jun 27 2011, 3h22
    Whats the delay with bringing it to other countries like Australia?
    I'll buy the freakin' app if i Have to, I just want it on my phone which is now my preferred music player.

    So lame that I can't scrobble.

  • I find it strange that I can stream from the web (When you pay for a subscription), but not on my cellphone... Really hope they will bring it to Norway soon

    • th00ht disse...
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    • Ago 9 2011, 19h17

    this is lame

    It works on my Denon receiver but not on slimdevices SqueezeboxServer.

    • th00ht disse...
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    • Ago 10 2011, 18h03
    Even lamer: yesterday I listed to radio all night. Today it is not working anymore. Is this due to the riots in London? Could someone get me in touch with the person or persons how decided this?

  • Same here, worse is that anyone didn't say anything about what's wrong with this application or does anyone working on some update for app.

  • Come on guys, I'm going to switch to Zune at this rate.

  • Brazil just the same

  • Really

    Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for the information you post.

    fire damage

    • BobDmV disse...
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    • Out 15 2011, 8h22


    Why not available in Russia?!

  • Not available in India

    Why is it not available in India as yet?

    • pokh disse...
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    • Out 18 2011, 12h56
    Shit, I paid for my subscription to get on WP7, but looks like it's worthless now

  •, WP7 in Poland

    Does anyone lauched radio on Windows Phone 7? I paid for subscription but cannot listen radio on my phone.

    • arpsu disse...
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    • Nov 4 2011, 22h11 WP7 in Finland

    Not available in Finland either... Why?

  • any reason? any staff to answer? why spanish suscribers and other countries are less valuables or importants?

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 17 2011, 15h49
    It's undoubtedly due to licensing restrictions imposed by record companies; not because you're "less valuable" to Streaming to hand-held devices in certain countries would probably cost more than they would recoup from subscriptions, for example.

    That doesn't explain why some people are unable to use the Android, WP7, etc. apps in countries where they *should* be fine though.

  • I said "less valuable" because my subscription costs the same as that of a country with the possibility of having on the device.

    However, thanks for the explanation, fauxtronic. I think it would be more respectful if could be clearer when explaining the circumstances, so we did not have to go asking for the forums. At least in my country forum is not clarified anything at all of the subject.

  • Can we get this in The Netherlands? I'm a paying subscriber, but I can't use on my squeezebox and my windows phone.

    Hey, I'm willing to pay a bit more if you'd just let me actually *use* your service!

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