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  • daprankerz

    dezembro 2011
  • mpirrer

    a melhor de todas!

    agosto 2011
  • FamousGardener

    Without I had almost missed her new album^^

    outubro 2010
  • RideSoTa

    Later Live... with Jools Holland → Fade Like a Shadow:

    setembro 2010

    I fucking love the TIGER SUIT!!!!!!! KT is back!(L)

    setembro 2010
  • Adrianovaz2007

    Why GaGa and Katy Perry on the group charts? I mean, we listen only to good music, right?

    setembro 2010
  • MonteiroA


    agosto 2010
  • oMANOo

    I fucking love KT

    junho 2010
  • olivertreend

    You've gotta love KT Tunstall! But... hold on... this week it looks like Lady Gaga is catching up!! :-O What's happening!!

    maio 2010
  • redmaxdream

    ♥...hold on...♥

    fevereiro 2010
  • annfromdreams

    我很喜欢她 <3

    janeiro 2010
  • actarus04

    i love her sound :) thx KT

    setembro 2009
  • yujuuuu

    Please, Join Now!!! Disney Universe

    junho 2009

    married me ?

    junho 2009
  • shiversik

    I wish she gigged in Eastern Europe one day...

    maio 2009

    Amazing Singer, cute, beautiful & funny person. I love her <3

    maio 2009
  • Inspirition

    lovely and so much talent I am SOOOO pleased she was finally given the recognition she deserves

    abril 2009
  • pasquini_rah

    ela tem cara de coala mas eu gosto dela *-*

    março 2009
  • JayDeeRi

    Ejlaaaaa !!!! Everybody who likes any kind of Electronical Music come and visit us ........ Electronical Nation .... you more than welcome to join :))))........ Grooooove oooon :))))

    fevereiro 2009
  • Animalb

    best singer ever. I love the songs, and amazing show in Brazil ♥ [3]

    fevereiro 2009
  • Animalb


    dezembro 2008
  • panxo_kt

    I love She... ^_^

    dezembro 2008
  • audiosyncrasies

    does anyone know whether or not she's coming out with a new album soon?

    dezembro 2008
  • ngirlvip

    Love her =D <3333

    novembro 2008
  • Danimb

    She is THE BEST [2] I just can't get enough of her songs!!!!!

    novembro 2008
  • juliananobrea

    She is THE BEST

    outubro 2008
  • P_Fernanda

    KT *-*

    outubro 2008
  • Adri_xx

    KT rulez! =)

    outubro 2008
  • K-Pig

    Congratulations to her for getting married :)

    setembro 2008
  • Aninha_Paula

    "She's awesome! The letters of her music are really good The melody is perfect... She plays guitar perfectly... She has a beautiful, pleasant and original voice! Well, what more can I say?? She's the best singer! The best one! " JESSY JESSY!!!! ashushuas concordo com a jessy =D

    agosto 2008
  • ElisondaLironda

    I just love KT!!! she had such great songs!! I specially like her live and acoustic, (and both at the same time even better...) unfortunately, I haven´t had the chance o see her yet, but i´ve seen tons of vids of her concerts... I dont know if im seeing her any time soon, because im from Spain, so...... Wish me luck!!!

    agosto 2008
  • simonpegg

    I love KT. she saved my life!

    agosto 2008
  • teenage_riott

    I totally agree, Jessy

    agosto 2008
  • Animalb

    concordo com a Jessy... o/

    agosto 2008
  • JessyMadish

    She's awesome! The letters of her music are really good The melody is perfect... She plays guitar perfectly... She has a beautiful, pleasant and original voice! Well, what more can I say?? She's the best singer! The best one!

    agosto 2008
  • Beeeaa

    Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. She will always be my number one. (:

    agosto 2008
  • caioalves

    don't wanna be second best. I wanna be just like KT. n___n

    agosto 2008
  • glago

    Stoppin' The Love is the best ever! (:

    julho 2008
  • daviimh

    I felt a little fear upon my back ♥

    julho 2008
  • Aninha_Paula

    I loove KT Tunstall......S2

    julho 2008
  • Kaltag

    Hey guys, it's Tegan and Sara's last tour, at least stateside, before they start work on a new album. Assuming they spend a year working on material and then start recording, it'll bee a few years before they're back. I heard somewhere they sell out 80% of their shows, so buy tickets now. Last time I saw them I had to pay a scalper $85 each, so don't get stuck! Buy presale tickets here:

    junho 2008
  • sugaboy

    You can get the demo for free from

    maio 2008
  • MataBum

    haya! does anybody has a link to her early demo cd tracks in july? i can´t find it anywhere...thanks:)

    maio 2008
  • mizz_grace

    I love Beauty Of Uncertainty!

    fevereiro 2008
  • marble_lion

    I've been rockin' The Journey this week... but still loving White Bird so much

    fevereiro 2008
  • Gastonn

    KT rulessss

    janeiro 2008
  • october10

    love kt!

    janeiro 2008
  • Nudnicca

    She's great, the music is great and she is so good live:))

    janeiro 2008
  • rossotre

    Each time i hear your music and voice i feel strongly attracted...i don't know how this could be, as i'm no longer a teen-ager. I live in a small village on northern Italy alps, i wish i could meet you some how, some wishes and good luck! riccardo

    janeiro 2008
  • invocavit

    You gotta listen to Mikael Nordin! There's a way out!

    novembro 2007