Headless Heroes?

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    • Out 3 2008, 18h39

    Headless Heroes?


    "~The Cast & Crew So Far~ Hugo Nicolson, Josh Klinghoffer, Woodrow Jackson III, Gus Seyffert, Alela Diane, Leo Abrahams, Joey Waronker, Dirty Pretty Strings, Pocketknife, Mike G., Irana Douer, Sarah Lynn Graves, & Eddie Bezalel.

    About Headless Heroes

    The Silence of Love is a beautiful themed album of covers dream't up by a chap named Eddie Bezalel, helped and produced by Hugo Nicholson, who pulled together a bunch of great musicians (Josh Klinghoffer, Woody Jackson, Joey Waronker, Leo Abrahams & Gus Seyffert) to play on it, all topped off with the voice of one Alela Diane. A simply beautiful collection of lost classics and unearthed gems sung with arresting clarity by Nevada City’s emerging new folk star Alela.

    The motivation for making the Headless Heroes project was really music for music’s sake, a record to be accepted and enjoyed on its own terms, without being an overindulgent or boastful statement. Says head curator Bezalel, “I just wanted to make an album with great musicians and great songs... the rest would work itself out.” Inspired initially on hearing Terry Durhams "Crystal Telephone" in a local record store.. Bezalel got Nicholson on board who put together the band while Bezalel looked and found Alela on Myspace, and upon hearing her voice, instantly knew she was the one to carry the tunes.

    Alela, who first released her own debut album, Pirates Gospel in 2006 – (Rough Trade Album of The Year 2007) was really excited about using her voice in new ways, as well as the project not being based around her own material. “It was quite liberating to just sing! And not worry about it being my record, or it being different from the type of music that I’m used to making. Describing The Silence of Love as pure fun, she notes “I was able to use all different parts of my voice, from what I do in my own songs, to what I learned while singing in the school choir.” Man at the controls Hugo Nicholson, “Alela’s silky voice and Josh Klinghoffer maxed out their abundant talent on this album, along with Woody’s virtuosity, and created what was for me an amazing record to make and a pleasure to be a part of”.

    All bittersweet and of love and loss …the songs chosen by Nicholson & Bezalel (with a few thrown in by David Holmes) span over 40 years of time .. from Daniel Johnston, The Jesus & Mary Chain and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds back to Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs and The Gentle Soul..

    For some, this will be a process of discovery or rediscovery of songs that may otherwise have been lost in time, inspiring deeper delvings back to the original sources. The Headless Heroes interpretations, however, are gloriously fresh creations in themselves.

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    • Out 6 2008, 21h20
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    • Out 7 2008, 22h31

    01. True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston)
    02. Just One Time (Juicy Lucy)
    03. Here Before (Vashti Bunyan)
    04. Just like Honey (The Jesus and Mary Chain)
    05. To You (I Am Kloot)
    06. Blues Run The Game (Jackson C. Frank)
    07. Hey, Who Really Cares? (Linda Perhacs)
    08. Nobody's Baby Now (Nick Cave)
    09. The North Wind Blew South (Philamore Lincoln)
    10. See My Love (The Gentle Soul)

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    • Out 8 2008, 6h48
    The album will be released in November ‘08 on Names Records (UK) and Fargo Records (for the rest of Europe). In the states the album will be released in May ‘09 via the Headless Heroes record label.”

  • I *heart* Alela Diane...

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    • Out 24 2008, 18h28
    She has a beautiful voice.

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    • Abr 2 2009, 13h09
    I like the music and I've been wanting to order a CD, but I keep forgetting about it!

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