• Dandelion Radio - July 2014

    Jul 6 2014, 9h22 por DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour July show features new music from the likes of Damn Vandals, The Horrors, Eno & Hyde, Frida Sundemo, Peace, Tourist, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Lust for Youth, Dead Fader and Austra, as well as a World Cup-related Scott's Funky Five Minutes and Dad's Discs.

    Kevin Robinson:
    It's even hotter than July on Dandelion Radio with an abundance of music to play loudly in the sunshine, such as Italian duo Ninos Du Brasil's percussion frenzy, a more than funky steel pan cover from Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers, plus DJ Sandji direct from the Balani Show street parties of Mali.
    Also in this month's programme there's music by Panom Promma from Thailand, the tropical rhythms of the Meridian Brothers from Columbia, more wonderfully percussive work from mid-70's Sierra Leone by Muyei Power, Lebanese trio Malayeen, Haiti's Les Pachas Du Canapé Vert, plus an incredible cassette rip of Senegalese performer Aby Ngana Diop.
    Things get raucous with new music from Oozing Wound, Sao Paulo's Anti-Corpos and a frenetic burst of old school junglist sounds from Sully. Elsewhere, Heathers crop up with their interpretation of a song you'll know and love by The Wedding Present, Karen Gwyer remixes the hell out of Sculpture, plus we have vintage Peel session tracks by Even as We Speak from 1992 and Ski Patrol from 1981.

    Lee Adcock:
    Feeling the heat yet? Dunno about you folks, but down here the humidity soaks into your clothes and leaves a sticky sweaty residue wherever you turn - and don't the bugs just love it! Meanwhile, I'm poring over hydrology maps, teasing out lab studies, and looking for traces of arsenic in the water and traces of cancer in the people.
    But anyway - reach into this sticky, toxic mess and you'll dip your hands into a treasure of tunes. This month, I feature some of the righteous girls that Everett True has been championing lately on Collapse Board, like The Tuts and Girlpool; the smooth-as-butter combo of Mos Def and Marvin Gaye, orchestrated by Amerigo Gazaway; the countryside Eno jams of Colin Robinson's Jumble Hole Clough; and various other names that you may or may not recognize.
    Also, the always colourful David Tantamount plays some nifty numbers just for us. YAY!

    Mark Cunliffe:
    No session this month. One hopes you'll find loads of cool ish though ... maybe in the guise of virtuoso female kora player Sona Jobarteh? Perc gets remixed not once but twice and there's some seriously smooth stuff from Silverman. Matteo Maienza is giving plenty in the piano department and Kigo is doing his best on the shoegaze score. Ghouqueu is back with his own unique style and Skeewiff is doing what he does best.

    Mark Whitby:
    A slightly shorter show from me this month, but one that isn't short on quality tunes. There's the first session for the show from the amazing Diane Marie Kloba and also a featured album in the form of a cracking calypso compilation from the Soul Jazz label.
    We also pack in as many great new and recent releases as possible, Russia's Bong Rips and Hungary's Piresian Beach rubbing shoulders with the likes of Heavy Mental, Lee Negin, Ba'ad Trip, Officer! and Dead Fader.
    Plus there's also a glimpse of the forthcoming album from the excellent Flies on You, due sometime in September.

    A packed three hour show this month, no sessions, but new tracks from Flowers; Tyrannosaurus Dead; Secret Shine; Alvvays; Peru; Northern Spies; Gold-Bears; Burnt Palms; Colour Me Wednesday; Martha; dora maar; Shonen Knife; Buzzcocks; Ace Bushy Striptease; Comet Gain; and The Hundredth Anniversary.
    If it's July it must be Indietracks! There are featured tracks from several of the acts playing at the end of this month at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire, including Thee Ahs; The Popguns; The Proper Ornaments; and Linda Guilala.
    There's a couple of tracks from 'Between Two Waves - The Second Wave', the new compilation of collaborations on Eardrums Pop: Ivor McGyver is a Scottish supergroup featuring The Spook School and The Just Joans; While Guards! Guards! is a Pratchett-inspired Anglo-Swedish collaboration between Monster Bobby and Lisa Bouvier.
    Ye Nuns cover The Monks (of course!) on their new album for Brighton-based label Tuff Enuff; while, also in Brighton, Fear of Men celebrate their European tour with a French version of their recent single; and LA superstars Heathers pay tribute to them.
    There's also a bunch of new electronica, including Dixon's remix of Joy Wellboy, and Kolsch's remix of Andhim. Hiatus' new track features his dad reciting Persian poetry, while Stephan Bodzin works his magic on Super Flu.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 is the very first release on his own Dandelion Records label, from 1969, while this month's Educating Elizabeth 7" is a 1968 classic from recently deceased and very much missed soul superstar Bobby Womack.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Northern Spies (Stockholm-based Swede Astrid Wiezell's band) are named after an American variety of apple.

    Sean Hocking:
    Welcome back to another Ring Of Fire featuring something different from around the world. Plenty of new and underground Asia based sounds in this month's show. We've got a Hong Kong pop duo giving us a sublime Canto Pop cover of Kraftwerk's "The Model" - now out on Metal Postcard Records and available via Bandcamp as well as experimental electronics from Beijing based Noise Arcade and some great re-edits from Shanghai's Horses coming soon on a 12" and available via the Metal Postcard Bandcamp (
    From New York via Sierra Leone the wonderful Janka Nabay and his Bubu Gang. Loads of great new rhythms coming from African artists at the moment.
    On the quieter side of things we've got our perennial favourite Swoop Swoop from Perth and from the UK thanks to a recommendation by Matthew Edwards the beautifully crafted "Slow Down" by Crayola Lecturn who we think is currently based in Brighton. Last but not least something you'll be hearing more of from us ... underground house producer from Sydney, Hot Cock!
  • Dandelion Radio - June 2014

    Mai 31 2014, 13h47 por DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour June show features a grand total of 27 tracks, old and new, including choice selections from: Burial; The Horrors; Dead Fader; Dena; Tourist; Tourist remixing CHVRCHES; Wolf Alice; The Horn The Hunt; Eno & Hyde; and Dimitri Veimar. You'll also hear Dad's Discs and Scott's Funky Five Minutes.

    Jeff Grainger:
    As the World Cup beckons June's Show is a true global affair, featuring acts from all over the shop ... Costa Rica (Los Waldners), Australia (Scrabbled), Venezuela/Canaries (Violeta Vil), Thailand (The Petch Phin Thong Band), Mali (Mamelon), England (No Ditching) and America (er..America).
    This month's featured album(s) are from Stillsuit & Filthy Skint's sensational long players plus there's a couple of tracks from Kill Pretty who, along with Factory Acts, will be blowing the roof off The Bank Top Tavern on Saturday 28th June (See Dandelion Radio News/Events page).
    Talking of 'The Last Saturday' there's a real humdinger of an exclusive! 2 Koi Karp's magnificent performance at April's gig, supporting ILL, is broadcast in full!

    Kevin Robinson:
    June provides us with plenty of weird new sounds from the likes of Tobacco, Ninos Du Brasil and Kyoka, plus there are new electronic turns from Powell, Bass Clef and an abrasive take on grime from Sd Laika.
    Also in this month's programme there's some vigorous Putin-bashing from Furfriend, some wonderfully percussive work from mid-70's Sierra Leone by Muyei Power, an incredible single from Ghanaian musician GUY ONE, plus Untold supply the best track on the exemplary new Bleep compilation. Elsewhere, The Soft Pink Truth cruise camp absurdity by forcing a sticky tryst between rave and black metal, we play out one of the greatest tracks from the incredible body of work left behind by the late Footwork innovator DJ Rashad, there are tracks from the new Not waving and Sculpture albums, as well as re-issues from Ranking Dread and Unwound.
    In fact there are golden oldies in abundance this month with west coast early punk from Crime, a recently unearthed album fromThe Upsetters, an eerie re-issue from Dat Oven, an early demo from the Inspiral Carpets and a Peel punk favourite by Mary Monday & the Bitches.

    Lee Adcock:
    So it's June time, kids, and I s'pose you're all plotting what festivals to camp out at (if you haven't already flown off to Spain for Primavera). But me, I'm making the most of life in an artist's home in Athens, and as long as I can stave off the ant invaders that steal in via THE DOOR TO THE VOID, life is good.
    This month, we're joined by ace Floridian DJ Kathleen Elise, who has a bundle of wicked tunes under her sleeve. On my end, I've got the scoop on those rainbow-masked madmen Chimney Crow (yes, Chimney Crow is a band - that's the name of their 100% original debut LP, by the by); the new Bastards of Fate LP is here, and its madness knows no bounds; a novel single from Father Murphy, in three parts; crazy band names like Druggy Pizza and Evasive Backflip; chill beat aficionados Millie & Andrea and Mo Kolours, and - hey, who invited Bourbon Somersault The Third? Keep him away from the kids!
    Finally, a toast to Sleaford Mods, who shall no doubt dominate the UK island nation.

    Mark Whitby:
    Two bites of me this month. My regular show has a fine new session from Benjamin Shaw, plus the best of a teetering pile of new stuff that keeps toppling over next to me. Contained within the pile are recent and new releases from the likes of Good Throb, Acid Mothers Temple, Gardland and the first album in ages from Defrag, with a demo cassette from Beekeepers precariously situated on top.
    Not in the pile, cos they're downloads, are another cracking band from Hungary, Venomtapes, Poland's Kordian Trudny and three tracks from a new compilation of Macedonian female artists. There's something from the remarkable Hag Face, with one of my favourite album releases of the year, another from Borneo's Jet Airess, singles from the likes of Baston and Holy Doldrums and some manic surf culled from an EP by Druggy Pizza. And the culturally distinguished among you might be interested to know that the show contains something from both William Burroughs and David Lynch. And look out for my other show in the Dandelion schedule which, in this World Cup month, features a whole load of the best footie-related music.
    A second dose of me this month celebrates the World Cup with two hours of the best football-related music. As you'd expect, we feature acknowledge masters of the genre like Half Man Half Biscuit, Barmy Army and Frank Sidebottom, alongside other notable bands who dipped their toes into football-infested waters only briefly, among them Helen Love, Standard Fare and Future of the Left.
    You'll also hear Attila the Stockbroker putting the boot into Chelsea, a tender homage to a footballing Jehovah's Witness from Billy Bragg and perhaps the finest of all recent footie-themed tunes from Lonely Tourist, whose celebration of the career of Paul Tierney finds the Man. United youth player who didn't make the grade now lining up within a stellar team of footbaling subjects also comprising Charlie George, Pat Nevin, Eric Cantona, Zinedine Zidane and, er, Robbie Savage.
    I should mention that it would be very difficult to assemble a show like this without the sterling work carried out on regular basis by, still one of the most consistently fascinating websites around.

    Another three hour show packed with new music, including a joint session from The Wendy Darlings and One happy island.
    There's new tracks from Martha; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; Shonen Knife; Randolph's Leap; Buzzcocks; Ace Bushy Striptease; Comet Gain; Chain and the Gang; Flowers and The Charlie Tipper Experiment.
    Plus a handful of new electronic tracks, an Educating Elizabeth 7" from 1970, and a Peel's Big 45 on his own Dandelion Records label.

    Sean Hocking:
    Another three hours from me this month and lots of great music.
    We've got Pope John Paul and some acid celebrating the prophet called Jesus..We've got music from that other prophet, John Dwyer, and the latest from his band Thee Oh Sees and his equally amazing label, Castleface Records.
    The POW album on Castleface is one of the best two new things i've heard in the past month . The other being the wonderfully named Shacklock Meth Party from New Zealand who's raw take on psych is really exciting. And yes you will be seeing them on Metal Postcard sooner rather than later.
    From China this month we feature Beijing based DJang San. Hong Kong based singer songwriter Cyrus Chow and also from HK the Punks with their home recorded demos.
    Other artists on the show include Madison Wisconsin based Trin Tran who sounds like he walked off a very early Fad Gadget recording and we remember Nash The Slash who died last month and we couldn't not play his version of 19th Nervous Breakdown, best version ever in my book.
    Lots of other music too but we'll let you do some of the discovery yourself.
  • Dandelion Radio - May 2014

    Abr 29 2014, 6h56 por DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's May show includes new music from Epic45, Dena, Breton, The Horn The Hunt, Tying Tiffany, Meridian Dan, Dimitri Veimar and The Acid. Scott's contributes a Funky Five Minutes from Johnny Cash; Barry Morrison introduces Bob Dylan as his Dad's Discs; there's an Andy's Old Chestnut from The Beat Club; and you'll hear loads more great tracks.

    Jeff Grainger:
    Jeff's second show on the bounce for 2014 has brand new tracks and first time outings from The Vacant Lots, Sd Laika & Anthroprophh, Cholera, Crywank and English Heretic.
    Also making their debut in the show are MiSTO POLTSA who are playing live with this month's featured LP starlets Warm Widow (See News/Events page). There's a blast from the past with Booker T (without the MG's) and we get to hear the sessions recorded by White Mary and ILL in their entirety - NOT TO BE MISSED!

    Kevin Robinson:
    Our programme for May contains three hours of mostly new music including tracks lifted from the new albums by the dual-drumming AK/DK, New York's Habibi and Andy Stott and Demdike Stare's collaboration as Millie & Andrea. There's also wistful dream pop from Tiny Ruins and folk supergroup Bastard Mountain and some more acerbic sounds from Good Throb, Art Trip and the Static Sound and a feral 25-second blast of Girl Band.
    From the pile of new electronic releases we've selected the mighty Venetian Snares, KLARA LEWIS, Djrum plus a new Acid Arab edit of a Pulse 8 track you may be familiar with. There are also recent dub excursions from Rafter, Alpha and Omega and Doctor Zygote, plus vintage reggae from The Revolutionaries and Capleton.

    Lee Adcock:

    Oh, hai. Ya caught me in a trance. That Angel Guts: Red Classroom LP is on my shortlist for best album of the year - if not the sexiest LP to also induce cold sweats at night and acute paranoia when crossing the street (dead serious, kids). So no fewer than three juicy Xiu Xiu cuts this month. What else? Lots of jangle for your buck with Chorusgirl, Cosines, and Luxembourg Signal; astonishing reissues of Family Fodder, Selda, and Woo; classical arrangements from Filmloom and C O L L E C T R E S S; genius sound engineers like Dissolved, The Fucked Up Beat, and whizz kid; and, oh yeah, that Future Islands thing. Plus, more wicked cuts from Athens, a sample of a sampler from most rad Scottish label Song, By Toad, and the best damn ZZ Top cover conceived thus far (from a dude who could dissect any song he pleases, Residents-style). Also, Sean Hocking sent an excellent Metal Postcard teaser down the wire, and I couldn’t help but nick a few cuts from it.

    And yes - the supreme Jack Hayter recorded a four-song special (i lied in the recording) just for this show. Prepare for happiness.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    It's May and there's lots to pack into this months three hours of musical melting pot.
    Monolord is levitating Cleopatra while Chong X is licking a rocket of a lolly. Biscuit Mouth has tumbled into Wayne Sleep while Addison Groove has done a checkout that would leave Phil "The Power" Taylor reeling. Evian Christ may well be making the beast with two backs with a certain Billy while Lorelle Meets The Obsolete are shooting Mr Samuel.
    There's a featured album, it's the magnificent new one from Nottingham's Sleaford Mods and there's a wonderful session from the equally Notts, MuHa.

    Mark Whitby:
    May arrives with a loud bang, partly courtesy of a live set from the fantastic Red Elektra 69, accompanied by some fine dollops of noise by Lumpy & The Dumpers,
    Wordboot, nnevteiga and The Beverleys plus, from down Hungary way, excellent punk offerings from Berkut and Diskobra.
    The month also brings fine new releases from the likes of Tobacco, Volga and Fatima Al Qadiri: we preview something from all of those and offer a peak of the forthcoming album from The Sinatra Test, release date as yet unknown. There's something from a new album on the very fine Bearsuit label, from whizz kid, a glimpse of the new EP by Borneo's Jet Airess and a brilliant new release from The Fucked Up Beat while, in the Peel Back... corner we revisit a gem from Helen & The Horns and cast our minds back forty years for a reminder of the wonderful Be-Bop Deluxe.

    Rocker's May 2014 show is a cracker - 3 hours packed with new music including a new debut session from Los Angeles band Heathers, as well as a featured album from France's The Wendy Darlings, and a plethora of forthcoming releases from the likes of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Flowers, Martha, Chain and the Gang and Comet Gain.
    There are also new tracks from Thee Ahs; Perkie; Perfect Pussy; Beau; Silver Dapple; Hallie & The Annies; Varsity; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; Cosines; Trick Mammoth; and Randolph's Leap.
    One of the Wendy Darlings tracks from the featured LP is a Pastels cover, and last month's featured LP stars, The Nightingales, also crop up with a cover.
    There's electronica from Hannes Rasmus; Dauwd; Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher; and The Pachanga Boys.
    This month's Peel's Big 45 is a country 7-inch from 1964, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a classic Stax instrumental from the same year.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Hallie and The Annies are named after the separated twins in the 1998 movie The Parent Trap. (Unlike Heathers, who are named after the 1988 movie of the same name).

    Sean Hocking:
    Summer is almost here and for those of you heading to Glastonbury next month do check out Richard Norris playing some great old techno and acid. He's recently launched a group on Facebook called Filthy Basement Bangers where I've been hearing some great old 12"s I'd totally forgotten about, some of which I've dropped into the show.
    The Delhi and Mumbai music scenes appear to be growing apace. Regular listeners will know that Metal Postcard are soon to release a single by the wonderful Vinyl records from Delhi via Assam. Our latest discovery are The Lightyears Explode who just sit out the norm of the standard pop punk / hardcore you might usually hear from the region, hopefully they'll hook you like they did me.
    From China we've got a couple of tracks off the forthcoming single by Gui Gui Sui Sui, new Beijing based electronic act, Noise Arcade and two impossibly long song titles by Pairs off their latest download album.
    That's it from me this month. Thanks for listening and as always I'd love to hear from listeners. Feedback is always appreciated.
    All the best Sean
  • Dandelion Radio - April 2014

    Mar 31 2014, 8h17 por DandelionRadio

    This month we have our first show from our latest recruit - Lee Adcock.

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour April show includes new music from I Break Horses, Epic45, Breton, Hockeysmith, Tying Tiffany, Dimitri Veimar, Dum Dum Girls, Dena and Jungle, along with guest spots from Andy's dad and Scott.

    Jeff Grainger:
    An April show brief as it is brill and packed to the rafters with loads of new tunes. Alright Lover make their Dandelion Radio debut as do Outside Your House & The East Cackalacky Ascetic Marching Death Band to name three. Paul McGladdery makes a welcome return as do Sleaford Mods.
    Speaking of 'welcome returns' April has no less than two session artists; White Mary and ILL who, incidentally, will be performing live at The Bank Top Tavern in Oldham on Saturday 26th of April (See News/Events page).

    Kevin Robinson:
    There's an incredible number of extraordinary electronic releases in the bag this month and we successfully manage to cram tracks from the new albums by Wen, Nochexxx and Torn Hawk into our three hours, alongside brand new material from producers Gantz, Lakker and Karen Gwyer.

    Also in this month's programme there's vintage roots reggae from Trinity, jump blues from Professor Longhair, some recently unearthed New Zealand post-punk from Shoes This High, some early jungle from Marvellous Cain lifted from the Suburban Base anthology, some Satanic rock by Inside from the Darkscorch Canticles collection, and a very unique Bob Dylan cover from the Musicians Of The Nile. We've also got some more recent dubby sounds from Subactive and a new Sleng Teng update from Mungo's Hi-Fi.

    Lee Adcock:
    Hi! I'm a chick, I'm from Athens, USA, and I'm the new kid around the block!
    Since you may not have heard of me before (though you will, trust me), I'm gonna blow your mind with the music that's been blowing my mind as a novice music critic-type and even more amateur-ish DJ-type. Come and meet the best and the brightest locals from Athens, the Aussie band that should have been as big as the Breeders, and mischievous new misfits from all over the globe like Mowbird, Thrill Collins, and North Dakota. We've got electronic wizards like Dementio13 and Michael West Valentine, the ever serene Watoo Watoo and A/T/O/S, and that smelly amoebic horror in the corner that calls itself Smarty. Hope ya don't mind that today's darkest hope in pop music is on board, as well - she don't step down lightly. (Hint - not Lorde.)
    Oh. And I thought about busting out some Sleaford Mods, but I got a nastier surprise for ya instead. Brace yourself.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    I've gone funk crazy this month! There's been loads of good funk from past and present floating around recently and some is definitely getting aired in this month's show :-)
    As well as the funk, Stuart Estell has his Morris Dancing sticks at the ready and Funky Mama rate his moves. Stormski is feeling a bit insecure while dr rockit is doing a right royal relaxation. DeafMind & Lil Clark have taken a Bosch TDA2657 steam iron to a Shure SN58 for some reason but Whyel & Breaux want to take it back to Curry's.
    There's a really superb session recorded in a cinema no less and the session is by Grawlix.

    Mark Whitby:
    April's show features a highly anticipated session mix from the extraordinary Qualchan alongside a whole raft of new releases from the likes of Bully Mammoth, Mark Wynn, nnevteiga and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.
    We've also got a preview of the new single from Ant and a new EP from T.O.Y.S.; Eric Copeland, Laurence Made Me Cry and The Smiths all find themselves thoroughly and delightfully remixed and, as is often the case these days, Eastern Europe finds itself heavily represented, with tunes from much-loved Hungarians PFA and derTANZ, the much heralded new EP from Russia's Midget Ninjas plus Zhe Pechorin from Serbia, Ukraine's Zapaska and Bulgaria's Kosta Kostov. The western half finds itself represented too, with a scorching release from Switzerland's Jaro Milko & the Cubalkanics and another taste of the recently issued album from France's Piano Chat.
    The show hosts a welcome return to a couple of favourites we've been rudely neglecting of late - J.CNNR and Just Like Ammy, while Peel Back... raids the contents of my recent birthday presents to bring you two legendary Peel Session tracks from the seventies. Plus, of course, much much more.

    Another packed three hour show this month includes a new session from Hazel Winter and her band, and a featured album from The Nightingales.
    There are also new tracks from Perfect Pussy; The Pains of Being Pure At Heart; Varsity; Linda Guilala; TacocaT; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; Expert Alterations; The Leaking Machine; Thee Ahs; Grubs; Trick Mammoth; secret beach; No Ditching; Personal Best, and Beau.
    There's another Nxt Gen stormer, and The Council Tax Band also get political. There are a bunch of tracks influenced by The Wedding Present - Fireworks cover a track they have been known to play; The Flatmates cover a Cinerama song; while The Jet Age play a TWP-inspired song from their current LP.
    There's electronica from Marc Marzenit; Laurent Garnier; Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda; and DrumTalk.
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is an instrumental take on possibly the most famous Northern Soul track of all, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is a B-side, on John Peel's own Dandelion Record label from 1972.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: John Peel's Dandelion Record label never released a hit record, despite almost signing Roxy Music, and despite releasing records by two acts only months before each went on to have top ten singles, Medicine Head and Clifford T Ward. Perhaps the label's nearest miss was Australian band Python Lee Jackson's 'In A Broken Dream', which featured Rod Stewart on vocals, and was recorded in 1968 for the label, but never came out on Dandelion. Legend has it that Peel paid his friend Rod a set of new car seat covers as his session fee. It went on to see chart action in 1972 when issued by Young Blood in the wake of Stewart & The Faces' success.

    Sean Hocking:
    Hi all, I'm back again for another dose of Ring of Fire. Lots of unreleased goodies in this show. I've got new electronic singer songwriter Ali Muhareb from Portland (OR) who does the job for me ... he doesn't really remind me of anyone, which I always find a great sign and his song "walkin" has been on my phone playlist for a good month now and gets more than one daily rinse.
    Talking of songwriters we've got two new songs from Perth based Louis Inglis and comrade in arms, Swoop Swoop who's song Angie Hart references the lead singer of Australian band "Frente!". We've also got great music from the king of DIY .. R. Stevie Moore and a live recording of his cover of the Beatles, I Want You .. She's So Heavy which has bowled me over. Via White Fang's Gnar Tapes label I have also come across the wonderful Lemons from Chicago who are the first band I've heard in a long time that really capture the innocence of Boyce & Hart's songs for the Monkees ... fabulous ... give me more lemony bubblegum please.
    ROC fans keep an ear to the ground there's a gig at the Windmill coming up in May, digital re-releases of all their early singles on Little Star and a re-issue by Metal Postcard of their debut on vinyl with original sleeve art.
    Hope you enjoy the show and we'll be back next month.
  • Dandelion Radio - March 2014

    Fev 28 2014, 11h20 por DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    It's a short, sharp shock from Andy in March with a 1-hour blast of new music from the likes of Childish Gambino, The Family Rain (covering Depeche Mode), Kohib, Dum Dum Girls, Breton, Erol Alkan and I Break Horses, as well as Dad's Discs and Scott's Funky Five Minutes.

    Kevin Robinson:
    This month brings a slew of intriguing releases including new material from Shackleton, Perc and Leyland Kirby, plus we've got some exhilarating cacophonous rackets courtesy of Cherry Glazerr, Life Stinks and MiSTOA pOLTSA.
    Also in this month's programme there's vintage reggae and dub from old Peel favourites Capital Letters, Jackie Mittoo and the recently departed pioneer Wayne Smith. There's some recently unearthed post-punk sounds from The Cravats and Victrola, tracks from the new Quantic and Acid Arab albums, "the opposite of easy listening" in the form of some punishing metal from Indian, plus three tracks selected from the overwhelming number of recent re-issues from the back catalogue of the late, intensely prolific and politicised electronic artist Muslimgauze.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    In Derby the local greeting tends to be "Hey up me duck" ... so ... hey up me duck ... what musical offering does March have in store for you???
    Ward 21 can keep what there on about ... we've had way too many of those all ready thank you. Ramsey Lewis has clearly down in Devon in the not too distant past while Iceone is having a date with a sleeping policeman. Hallouminati can't get enough of their luncheon meat while Mr G isn't having a toke, he's just got an A* in Home Economics ... and there is a session this month, it's a magnificent one from the new Derby band, Gold Codes.

    Mark Whitby:
    This month's session comes is a transatlantic affair as Welsh electronic maestro Dementio13 teams up with regular US collaborator nita disaster, this time to produce an exclusive mix of mesmeric quality for the show. Joining them are a whole bunch of new releases from the likes of Waylon Thornton, Pyramid Vritra and NARAM and a triumphant return from Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones, alongside a brace of tunes courtesy of the always excellent Not Not Fun label and three (count 'em) from the equally wonderful Odd Box.
    I return from another virtual trip to Budapest clutching a whole armful of releases from that city's astonishing music scene and treat you to extracts from Amstatten Bedroom Punk, Gustave Tiger, Tumo and Fuck Like Bunnies and there's a track too from the new EP from fellow Hungarians PFA. On my way back, I take time to check out Italy's haf haf, Lumisokea from Belgium and another excellent release from France's Kythibong, this time courtesy of Piano Chat.
    Meanwhile, STP remixes General Levy, Four Tet gives the same treatment to Crazy Bald Heads, Death Sleds sample Homer Simpson and I get so excited with it all I misname the new Wytches release and the label of a fantastic 12-inch EP from Shackleton. But they're both so good you won't care.

    Pete Jackson:
    2014 really gets going and there's loads of new tunes this month. On the one hand, lots of new material from favourites we've not heard from in a while - so welcome back Schnauser, Serious Sam Barrett, Radar Man From the Moon, The Gaslamp Killer and Dusty Mush.
    On the other hand, new stuff from artists I've just discovered, so welcome in Noisy Locomotive, Sultan Bathery, Xenofish and Sudden Death Of Stars. Oh, and did I mention that there's a new live session from Peel show legends I, Ludicrous?

    This month's three hour show features a new session from Victoria Anderson, and new tracks from The Manhattan Love Suicides; The Wolfhounds; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; Expert Alterations; T.O.Y.S; Trick Mammoth; Dean Wareham; Cocoanut Groove; secret beach; No Ditching; Monica Queen; and Personal Best.
    Nxt Gen and The Nightingales each take on their least favourite member of the current government, while The Bordellos address the PM's wife. Staying with politics, there's a new single from Liverpool's Hillary & The Democrats.
    There's electronica from David Douglas; Marc Romboy; and Breton. French producer Agoria remixes Moby & Damien Jurado, while Israeli producer Guy J remixes a house classic by Twice As Nice from 1999.
    Former Standard Fare singer & bass player Emma Kupa appears in duet with former Hefner frontman Darren Hayman, while her former bandmates unveil their new project, The Skeletal Shakes.
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is an upbeat Tamla Motown 7" B-side from 1967, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is also a B-side, on John Peel's own Dandelion Record label from 1970.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The Nightingales have been dropped after one album by each of their last four record labels. They have found a way to stop this run of bad luck. They are self-releasing their new album "For Fuck's Sake". There will be no label, no distributor, no catalogue number, no bar code, no logo, and no dumpings six months later.

    Sean Hocking:
    This month on the show we appear to be a bit top heavy with Australian acts. But with not a sign of Tame Impala, Flume, Cut Copy or Nick Cave I hope that the show goes a long way to illustrate that there is a lot of great undiscovered Australian music out there. From Zoe Zac in Hobart, to my perennial favourites Hot Palms from Melbourne and amongst many others the fantastic Gooch Palms from Newcastle. I've also thrown in a couple of great David McComb oddities as well as a great remix of a disco classic by producers Flight Facilities.
    Also on the show this month possibly Britain's best band, Sleaford Mods and definitely the UK's greatest living artist, Bill Drummond.
    Enjoy and looking forward to bring you more great music next month.
  • Dandelion Radio - February 2014

    Fev 1 2014, 11h38 por DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's two hour February show includes recent new music from Lo-Fang, Azure Blue, I Break Horses, Erol Alkan, Bipolar Sunshine, His Electro Blue Voice, Blood Orange, EMA, Childish Gambino, Sivu and Dum Dum Girls. There's a Dad's Discs from Andy's father Barry, and you'll also hear another Scott's Funky Five Minutes.

    Having entered a wardrobe by accident two years ago following a drunken evening out and subsequently finding themselves in a strange world battling orcs, giants and minotaurs only to become kings of all they surveyed, Steve and Brian return to their rightful home of Dandelion to bring you a 3 hour trawl through their vast music collection.
    As for their adventures in that far off land, they will not talk of them, only to say the mermaids were beautiful, but there wasn't one decent chippie.

    Kevin Robinson:
    It's an action-packed February on my programme with the exhilarating new singles from Girl Band and Perfect Pussy, plus tracks lifted from the new albums by Death Comet Crew, Nhk'koyxen and Marijuana Deathsquads.

    There's some killer dub and reggae this month from Tiger, Prince Hammer and Killa Mosquito. There's also bucket loads of intriguing new electronic releases by the wonderfully named Raving George, Objekt, Heatsick and Container, plus the excellent Powell remixes Ike Yard. We also have a few more familiar sounds from Coachwhips, Burning Spear and Stereolab.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    There's loads of music from loads of genres ... no session, sorry, couldn't get one sorted ... hopefully lots of sessions in the pipeline though :-)

    Mark Whitby:
    The first Edgar's Lisp session for the show in over four years is one of many good reasons to join me this month. Others include tracks from enticing new releases from the likes of HARRY CLOUD, The Lorettas, Xiu Xiu and Dementio13, the last of these featuring yet another astonishing vocal contribution from nita disaster.
    There are releases from across continental Europe, including France's greguy and Les Touffes Kretiennes, the contrasting charms of Homicidal Raptus and Be Forest from Italy, Fighting Windmills from Macedonia, another from the best album in ages from Germany's The Notwist, a further blast of Hungarian goodness courtesy of eyes on u and more Russian mischief from Midget Ninjas. From outside Europe, we've got Tunisian dub from Dub Machina and some Saudi Arabian black metal from Al-Namrood.
    Risking sensory overload, we also bring you a glimpse of the debut album from Keel Her, another fantastic Fleeting Youth cassette release, this time from Slippertails while we Peel back the years with a reggae tune from thirty years ago and a classic of unrestrained do-it-yerself punk goodness from, of course, 1977.

    Pete Jackson:
    This month's globetrotting extravaganza takes in music from six continents (if we count Russia as being in Asia) and tunes going back to 1938 as well as from 2014.
    New excitement from old favourites Mogwai, The Fall, Contranym and Doom, and favourites-in-the making PyPy, Sex Noises, Koncrete Roots and The Left Outsides rub shoulders with 70s US punk, Turkish psyche-folk and Belgian cold wave.
    As if that weren't enough, there's also a Peel session, in its entirety, from exactly 40 years ago.

    A packed three hour show, with new tracks from Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores; T.O.Y.S; One happy island; Trick Mammoth; Dean Wareham; The Wendy Darlings; The Jet Age; Ancient Times; CTMF; Dot Dash; Sock Puppets; and The Wednesday Club.
    There's electronica from Nick Dow; Gui Boratto and Digital & Strikez - and another track from the current Burial 12" which is astounding as always - and this month The Pachanga Boys take on German husband and wife duo Sashienne, while Innervisions boss Dixon remixes Mathew Jonson.
    Other things to look out for include a Bristolian violin playing rapper, a Liverpudlian mariachi band, and a Doctor Who actor reading the shipping forecast.
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a dancefloor filler 7" from 1966, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is a Dutch prog rock classic from 1971, on John Peel's own Dandelion Record label.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: 'The Modern Dance' is the title track of Pere Ubu's debut album, released in 1978. It includes the refrain 'Merdre; Merdre', a reference to the opening line of the play Ubu Roi, spoken by the character from which the band took their name.

    Sean Hocking:
    Hi listeners welcome to February's "Ring Of Fire" show. Yet again a liberal amount of the wonderful White Fang from Portland and songs off their forthcoming LP "Full Time Freaks" coming out on Metal Postcard Records. They are in the UK and Europe in March ... make sure you see them live.
    I'm still obsessing over Burger records in LA so it's another helping of Cherry Glazerr to keep the fix going and also from LA a track by one of my favourite electronic producers of the moment, Secret Circuit.
    Over Xmas plenty of people have lots of spare time to talk about their favourite musical discoveries of the prior 12 months so I've trawled through all my Facebook "friends" and come across a few diamonds in the rough including the wonderful DJ Top Kat and his "I Need Weed In My Life", a great version of Get Lucky by singer songwriter Daughter and last but not least Moped Bart's Hubbabubbaklub.
    Regular listeners will know I have an unhealthy obsession with the great Fast Records, so another one from their catalogue. The Thursdays version of Sitting on the Dock of the Bay off Earcom 2. And for those of you still smarting from the loss of the Ashes, hopefully, Victory Test Match by Lord Kitchener can make you dream positive outcomes next time the Australians tour England.
  • Dandelion Radio - January 2014

    Dez 31 2013, 18h36 por DandelionRadio

    Festive 50:
    Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late broadcaster John Peel in 1976, an assortment of our DJs count down through the best 50 tracks from 2013. Voted for by listeners to Dandelion Radio, you can hear the full results of this legendary poll repeating from Christmas Day and into January, finishing off with Mark Whitby revealing this year's winner!

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's first show for 2014 has two hours of the best music from last year, encompassing recent new music he's yet to play, such as tracks by Jungle, Then comes silence, Real Lies and His Electro Blue Voice; plus he counts down his favourite tunes released in the last 12 months, playing 14 selections from his personal "Top 19" of 2013, including Sivu, Azure Blue, I Break Horses, Jagwar Ma, Willis Earl Beal and Ikonika. Scott picks another Funky Five Minutes, plus Barry returns for Dad's Discs, and don't forget you can hear the official 2013 Festive Fifty countdown repeating as part of our January schedule at regular intervals!

    Kevin Robinson:
    This month sees not only the first programme of 2014, but my very first show for Dandelion Radio. I have a few leftovers from 2013 to share with you and a selection of releases that arrived over the festive period, including tracks from the new albums by Shopping, The New Sound Of Numbers, and Blanche Blanche Blanche.

    Also included for January, the "Throbbing Gristle meets Eddie Cochran" wall of noise of Girl One And The Grease Guns, Poland's finest reggae dubstep export Radikal Guru, the relentless, primitive "thug pop" of Brooklyn's The Pampers, a haunting rendition of an old Peel favourite by The Space Lady, an oddity from yet another Lee Perry compilation from Althea And Donna, a Peel Session number from over 30 years ago by Eek-a-Mouse, plus a punishing track lifted from the latest extraordinary release by Demdike Stare. Oh, there's also a new song by The Fall group from Manchester. You may have heard of them.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    So, it's January and what notable things have happened in January's past? On 4th Jan 1809 Louis Braille was born. On the 14th in 1986 UK motorists were required by law to wear seat belts and Income Tax was first introduced in the UK on 14th Jan 1799.
    What am I bang up-to-date with on my show this month then? Grey Hairs are cock-a-hoop which has sent Tom Dice to be like Humpty Dumpty. The Fucktrots are in possession on a nice Camberwell Carrot which DJ Rashad is going to give you a lesson on. There is a truly wicked session from Cheap Jazz and not one but TWO featured albums from Emptyset and Mazes.

    Mark Whitby:
    Great new tunes are flying out of the blocks already in this new year and we attempt to feature as many of the best of them as possible, including January releases from Mogwai. Adrian Raso & Fanfare Ciocarlia, Gyratory System and Shy Boys, among others, plus a glimpse of what's around the corner in February, with a little help from Laibach, The Notwist and Yashi.
    Plus we've got a great exclusive session from Superman Revenge Squad Band in there too.
    Of course, we don't forget the many delights that made their way into their lives at the end of 2013 either, especially as they included new releases from Ballboy, The Fall and Guerilla Toss plus a couple of French crackers from Papaye and Drive With A Dead Girl.
    Meanwhile, Extradition Order, Lee Negin and The Drop tease us with taster releases from forthcoming albums and there are tracks from yet another excellent compilation from Australia's Feral Media label,
    As usual at this time of year, we Peel Back... to the Festive Fifty of ten years ago while pausing briefly to speculate on what might have appeared in a Festive Fifty forty years ago, had such a thing existed.

    Pete Jackson:
    Pete kicks off 2014 in style with a brand new session from Lord Numb covering some of the music that's made him the man he is today (yes, there's a Bowie track, but oh so much more, including a once-heard-never-forgotten song first heard on an Eighties Peel show).
    There's new and re-issued tunes from across time and space, with San Francisco being heavily represented by albums released in 1968 and 2013 alongside punk gems, awesome 70's psychedelic rock from Zambia and a larger than usual dollop of dub.
    There's also a tipped cap to the recently departed Junior Murvin and Lou Reed and the traditional revisiting of 2013's best session tracks - this year including Sandfingers, Black Twig Pickers and MANWEL T.

    A packed three hour show - including a featured album from Candy Twist Records, and new tracks from The Wolfhounds; Flowers; Slum of Legs; The Jet Age; The Proper Ornaments; CTMF; Sock Puppets; The Wednesday Club; Dutch Barn; Caves; Fireworks; Flowers; and Supersuckers.
    There's electronica from Monkey Safari; AME; and Cuebur remixed by Shlomi Aber - also there's a track from the current Burial 12" which is astounding as always - and there's also an amazing remix by The Pachanga Boys of a track from Australian band Jagwar Ma.
    The Manhattan Love Suicides make an unexpected but very welcome return with a stunning taster track from a forthcoming album, and their bass player Adam has been busy, also featuring as he does on tracks from T.O.Y.S and The Wednesday Club.
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a wonderfully poignant soul 7" from 1965, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is a little known side project of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, from 1980.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: There are currently only two doubly landlocked countries in the world (countries with no sea coastline surrounded by countries which themselves have no sea coastline): Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan.

    Sean Hocking:
    Well it's another year and if 2013 is anything to go by we are going to be drowned in new music this year.
    This show is somewhat LA heavy as I spent a few days there in December soaking up the music scene old and new. Took the other half to see her favourite bands who'd all got together to raise money for music for public schools in the USA as it is no longer part of the curriculum there ... yes beyond bizarre isn't it? We saw the players in the 1980's Paisley Underground scene including the Three O Clock, The Rain Parade and The Bangles (who were surprisingly good). It's nice to remember when real bands played pop songs and the real discovery for me were the Dream Syndicate, a great alt rock band who are well worth re-discovering; and for the singalong at the end they even brought on a now rather ancient Rodney Bingenheimer ( The Mayor of Sunset Strip. If you find his name unfamiliar have a read about him on Wikipedia and you will be amazed by the effect he's had on music and musicians over the years.
    Whilst in LA I also met up with the guys who run one of the best labels on the planet at the moment. BURGER RECORDS out of Anaheim and only a short distance from the original Disneyland. They specialise in producing wonderfully scuzzy pop punk gems from Southern California and beyond . With nigh on 600 releases now under their belt I'll be dedicating a hour long special to the label in 2014 but in the meantime I've included songs by the likes of The Memories, Cherry Glazerr, Apache, The Resonars and others to pique your interest.
    In the show I've also included a few highlights from one of the 1980's (and through to today) finest record labels, Flying Nun Records from New Zealand. I'm noticing more and more acts, and especially American ones, are paying homage to the great bands on the label such as the magnificent Clean, Chills, Tall Dwarves and the Bats who I remember seeing in a run down cinema in Sydney in the mid eighties and I also remember the daze I walked around in for about a week after seeing them!
    Also in the show new tunes from China based Gui Gui Sui Sui and his raw blues played on a skateboard fashioned into a guitar, I kid you not. Also something remixed and something new from London's Das Fluff as well as a few other goodies. Thanks as always for listening to Ring Of Fire. We'll be back next month with new goodies from you. And if you're a White Fang fan in the UK or mainland Europe ... keep your ears and eyes open they are heading your way very soon.
  • Dandelion Radio - December 2013

    Dez 1 2013, 14h08 por DandelionRadio

    In addition to the regular shows listed below, the 2013 Festive Fifty will be playing from midnight on 25th December.

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour December show includes new music from His Electro Blue Voice, David Bowie, Azure Blue, Then comes silence, Laura Cantrell, MGMT and Ikonika. There are seasonally themed songs from Paul Hawkins, Arab Strap, The Crimea, Red Cosmos and Low; Andy's father Barry makes a festive selection for Dad's Discs; Scott's along for a Funky Five Minutes; plus there's an Andy's Old Chestnut from The Farm.
    Also remember to listen to the official 2013 Festive Fifty countdown show, on air from Christmas Day and repeating into January as part of our regular scheduled shows!

    Mark Cunliffe:
    December is upon us and I was first in the queue for a ticket for the Fossil Handling Session at Leicester's New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, nothing I like more than getting hold of a nice Trilobite ...
    Not going pre-historic on this month's show, so what have I got??? Wizard is going about things like Tomas Brolin at the end of his football career where he couldn't even do what Ward 21 are talking about. Nots are going to give Mars a spring clean which I hope doesn't make them go into what Xylitol is on about.
    There's a featured album from none other than Chris T-T and a wonderful session from Derby based Biscuit Mouth that I recorded at their rehearsal room in Derby city centre.

    Mark Whitby:
    There are two shows from me this month.
    While much of my December (regular) show is of a decidedly non-festive hue, we do allow ourselves a nod in the direction of the season with an exclusive Xmas-themed session from The Pocket Gods. Perry Como it ain't, though.
    As usual at this time of year, my favourite ten bands or artists who got in touch during the year are paraded in the annual Listen To Me top ten, while plenty of other favourites of 2013 are present too: among them, something from the new Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band single, something from recent albums from Mark Wynn, The Spook School and Churn Milk Joan albums, a new track from Midget Ninjas and some more put-hairs-on-yer-chest stuff from the excellent nnevteiga.
    Elsewhere, we feature a couple of tunes from an EP of Cramps covers - courtesy of Birds are alive and King Automatic - and another intoxicating release from the Italian Boring Machines label in an international cast that also includes Australia's Hollow Press, Brazil's Orumm and an extraordinary release from Ethiopia, featuring the incredible Yilma Hailu.
    Among other offerings, we also Peel Back... twenty years to feature three highlights from the Festive Fifty of 1993. And I reckon Mr Peel would have loved the very idea of Venetian Snares remixing David Lynch: somehow the result turns out to be even more wonderful than the concept.
    My other show is a Truly Festive Festive Fifty - a chart voted for in 2006, originally intended to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the Festive Fifty that year.

    As usual a three hour show packed with new music - including a featured album from Bristol's Hazel Winter, and tracks from The Wolfhounds; Liechtenstein; Robb Johnson; Martha; Girl One And The Grease Guns; Teen Canteen; La Luz; Sock Puppets; The Wednesday Club; Pete Gioconda; Dutch Barn; Cinerama; Caves; Fireworks; Flowers; Joanna Gruesome; and Good Grief.
    There's electronica from Agoria; Ryan Davis; LB Dub Corps; and Trummor & Orgel. Nils Frahm is remixed by Max Cooper.
    Wild Billy Childish crops up twice in his guise as one of CTMF, once on a track from their newest album, and once as a guest on the debut release from former-Headcoatees Shall I Say Quoi.
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is from a new reissue of a classic soul album from 1971, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is from 1972 on the mighty Atlantic label.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: LB Dub Corps is a dub-influenced side project of techno DJ Luke Slater.

    Sean Hocking:
    Another year almost finished and I have to say it has been a great one for new music from the Pacific Rim region and especially from the USA's Pacific NW with bands like White Fang morphing into supplementary acts such as the wonderful Memories and Free Weed plus up in Seattle the, soon to be loved by everyone, Rose Windows.
    Who can't love a band that has equal parts Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Incredible String Band and Black Mountain.
    In my December I play my usual pick of new tunes from the Asia Pacific region, a few end of year selfish selections and a top 20 of my personal favourites from the year.
    I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting the show together
  • Dandelion Radio - November 2013

    Nov 2 2013, 16h32 por DandelionRadio

    First off - a quick reminder that Festive Fifty voting is now open (until the end of November)
    Go over to

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's two hour November show features the third annual 'Lord Numb Love-In', following up appearances on Andy's shows in May 2011 and August 2012, with exclusive session recordings from Lord Numb, his companion Spidersleg, and The Reject Club - the name under which the two of them collaborate. Regular guest spots Dad's Discs and Scott's Funky Five Minutes feature, and new music includes Arcade Fire, His Electro Blue Voice, Samuraj Cities, Breton, Blood Orange, Rival Consoles, Azure Blue, MGMT and 65daysofstatic. You'll also hear details about the how you can in the official 2013 Festive Fifty and there's exciting news of a Dandelion Radio project to put every one of our previous shows online for free, on-demand streaming!

    There are 2 (final) shows from Marcelle this month.

    'A silent farewell'
    After dissagreements over the station policy Marcelle decided to leave. In this, her farewell show, it's mostly business as usual: there are Look Back Bores, from Einstürzende Neubauten, 23 Skidoo and The Very Things, Craig Leon features in Wax Across The Water, and obviously she plays a whole pile of new vinyl, featuring amongst RFI (twice), Perc, Regis, Il Boy, Kerridge, the Meridian Brothers and an album featuring the sound of 21st century London (literally!).
    However, what is most unusual about this show is not it being the last from Marcelle, but a new, highly original LP 'Sounds of silence', compiling 'the most intriguing silences in recording history'. Marcelle plays three tracks from this album, therefore saying goodbye in silence. Playing these tracks loud doesn't help: it's over!

    Also listen out for Marcelle's Final Vinyl Train.

    Mark Cunliffe:
    November is upon us and I can say I've completed my Christmas shopping, quite what my family and friends make of me being so late for 2012 I don't know but it's the thought that counts. Also, a thought for Lou Reed. The news of his death came after all but one of us had recorded our shows ready for November so the only tribute is in Rocker's show this month but I can say his influence on me was massive growing up here in Derby. Whether it was in The Velvets or as a solo artist he made so much great music ... I feel it was a privilege for us all to hear it.
    What's on offer then? Totem have unleashed the female Bob The Builder which has Blank Realm doing an impression of Harry Enfield's Scousers. Qwel & Maker are in amongst it with the Mary Rose and I just hope they don't drop a B.O.M.B.. Honkeyfinger is asking you to read the 4th row of letters from the top and Chris Val & Macrohard are dancing wildly on a space hopper. There's a wonderful, wonderful session from Italy's Cazzurillo thrown in for good measure ... worth the entrance fee (if there was one) alone ...

    Mark Whitby:
    A fantastic mix from Indidginus is the centrepiece for a November show that's also crammed to the brim with great Autumn releases from the likes of L.B. Dub Corp, Buzzard Lope, Moin and Melt Banana, plus a small taste of winter with the forthcoming December single from the Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band.
    For those who are wondering where my forays into the Hungarian punk scene have gone to in recent months, I return with tracks from Genetika and garga pitic, stay in Eastern Europe for another masterpiece from Croatia's Crawander, venture north to Denmark for something from Agnes Obel and on to Sweden with The Movements. From further east, we have more from Anata Wa Sukari Tsukarete Shimai and a little something from the extraordinary nnevteiga.
    And there's plenty more besides, including new releases from show favourites like Origami Horses, Tingle In The Netherlands and Lee Negin. And, in the month in which voting for this year's Festive Fifty takes place here at Dandelion, we Peel Back thirty years for three highlights from the excellent festive fifty of 1983.

    Pete Jackson:
    November brings a raft of new releases from some big psychedelic hitters, so expect mid-altering substance from Wooden Shjips, White Manna, Fuzz and VIBRAVOID, among others.
    There's also instrumentals from the mid-sixties, including one never before released, techno from Germany, garage blues from Cambodia and Lord Numb guitar heroism from Camden.

    Another three hour show packed with new music - including a featured album from Edinburgh's finest The Spook School, and tracks from Girl One And The Grease Guns; Parquet Courts; The Wednesday Club; Our Arthur; Caves; Fireworks; Sandfingers; JEFFREY LEWIS & THE RAIN; Flowers; The Carbon Manual; The Wedding Present; Crystal Stilts; Joanna Gruesome and Good Grief.
    There's electronica from Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda; Jonas Woehl & Anna Leyne; Holden and Zomby. James Murphy provides a DFA take on David Bowie, while Agoria puts a new spin on a song by The XX, as performed by Martina Topley-Bird, Warpaint & Mark Lanegan.
    Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores rail against the culling of the badgers, while NxtGenUK gives a spot on rant against the Tories. Mayr is waving his tits in the wind, while some bands are just crying out to be played in my show - step forward Kate's Bush.
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a classic soul 45 on Brunswick Records from 1969, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is one of the earliest releases on John Peel's own Dandelion Record label.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Parquet Courts are a Brooklyn band named after the stadia of certain US basketball teams, most notably The Boston Celtics, whose playing surfaces are made up of thousands of small interlocking wooden tiles, rather than the traditional hardwood.

    Sean Hocking:
    Eventually, much to our joy here at Hocking central, we've got a band living in China covering the Banshees classic debut single, Hong Kong Garden. We hope you enjoy this version by Junks originally from Sheffield and now to be found somewhere in China; I'm not even sure myself where they are to be found. All we can tell you is that there is a 12" on the way on Metal Postcard Records and all the songs have a wonderful weird pop music vibe informed by that rather strange Sheffield music DNA.
    Talking about things a little different do make sure you listen to Gui Gui Sui's take on St James' Infirmary and also the show opener by Cambodian 60's artist Yos Olorang.
    Also on the show we've got a track by the appropriately named Scholars from Oxford, something else off the Flaming Lips' Terror LP the wonderfully joyous Laat Water by Suriname band Damaru.
    This month we are particularly taken by a great new all woman band out of India, The Vinyl Records. Originally from the Himalayan regions of arunachal and assam they now study in Delhi and we love their spiky sound. Expect something from Metal Postcard very soon from this great sounding band .
  • Dandelion Radio - October 2013

    Out 1 2013, 22h27 por DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy has two shows in the October schedule. His regular 2-hour October show features brand new tunes from Moderat, Mogwai, Boards of Canada, Drenge, Willis Earl Beal, Victories at Sea, Outfit, His Electro Blue Voice, Sivu and Ikonika. Andy's Old Chestnut comes from the Inspiral Carpets with Mark E Smith. You'll hear one previous session guest remixing another, with Cygnus X-1 working his electronic wizardry on Alex Canasta's 'Let It Out'. There are regular guest spots Dad's Discs and Scott's Funky Five Minutes, as well as two more songs from Samuraj Cities' new album 'Metallic'.

    Elsewhere, 'Andy's Peel Session Archives' features an hour of tracks recorded for John Peel's Radio 1 show by obscure and established acts across four decades, marking the 9th anniversary of the death of the BBC DJ who inspired us to create Dandelion Radio. You'll hear session recordings of tunes from, amongst others, Pulp, Extreme Noise Terror, The Boo Radleys, The Only Ones, 70 Gwen Party and, of course, The Fall.

    Jeff Grainger:
    The Bordellos fantastic third session takes center stage in Jeff's 2 hour show - nicely timed for the performance at The Bank Top Tavern in Oldham on Saturday 26th of October where they'll be joined by Dandelion new comer Paul McGladdery (See News/Events page).
    Other acts on the show making their Dandelion debut are Mad Nanna, Kult Country and Hot Fruit. There's a welcome return to the likes of Boddika, The Winter Tyres,Year of Birds, Savages plus Stink Taps who make up one third of this months featured label - the fabulous Sea Records.
    If all this wasn't enough Ghost Outfit's blistering debut long player 'I Want You To Destroy Me' is this month's featured album.

    Again there are two shows from Marcelle this month.
    The regular show is titled 'Carillion galore!' and the other is the speechless Vinyl Train.
    There's carillion galore in the regular show, courtesy of Charlemagne Palestine (helped by Ze'v), and a total lack of anything sounding like a carillion in other new vinyl from amongst others Rashad Becker, Concrete Fence, Black Sites (all on the PAN label), Ruff Draft, Anno Stamm, Four Tet, Romvelope, The Transhumans and brunks.
    But Marcelle likes to think that at least all those releases carry the spirit of the carillion, that utter, utter, utter rock 'n' roll instrument. The same goes for the Look Back Bores (released 30 years ago this month) from Psychic TV, African Head Charge and the band most well-known for their championing of the way of life which is the carillion: The Fall.

    The Vinyl Train this month is running with 'No brakes!'
    The shock proof turntables on board Marcelle's Vinyl Train welcome passengers like Susan mapfumo, The Creatures, Asmus Tietchens, Converter, The Teknoist, Autechre, Cristian Vogel, Moondog, Die Electric Eels, The Third Eye Foundation, Sukh Knight, 400 Blows and Alec Empire.
    No skipping guaranteed and the use of brakes is fordidden until the two hour journey through her extensive record collection is over! All aboard, please!

    Mark Cunliffe:
    Right, so it's October and as Autumn bites harder than Luis Suarez on a Chelsea defender's arm, what music have we got for you to chew on?
    Well, Wiley has an unlucky stride while Qwel & Maker are busy showing off theirs. Kid Lib are employing a ouija board board while Delly Ranx is concentrating on what he knows. Di wonder can't get enough of my raison loaf and The Bug might be reaching for an ear trumpet if he doesn't get his way. All that, more AND a live session from the amazing Derby pirate band, Seas of Mirth ...

    Mark Whitby:
    In a great month for new releases, we feature tracks from new albums by The Spook School, Crawander, JD Meatyard and The Piskie Sits and a preview of the forthcoming Mi Mye release alongside an exclusive session from the amazing Helena Dukic.
    There's a bumper crop of tunes from France, including new stuff from Sieur Et Dame, Llamatron, greguy and Banana Split and a couple of storming tunes from Holland, courtesy of Hoodie and Legowelt, the latter on a very fine Russian LGBT Rights compilation, a new single from Sweden's The Movements, Japan's anata wa sukkari tsukarete shimai, on Scotland's Bearsuit label, and Argentina's Los Cripis.
    Closer to home, for me at least, we also feature something from the new album from the always excellent 65 days of static, more from Mark Wynn and a cracking new EP from Amida; there's another fantastic cassette release from Blue Tapes featuring Katie Gateley and, yet again, Daddy Tank come up trumps with The Fucked Up Beat and Audio Antihero put out yet another storming album, this time from The Superman Revenge Squad Band.

    Paul Ackroyd:
    Tune into October's Kamikaze show on Dandelion Radio to hear new singles and EPs from mgun, Beau Wanzer, Moin, FKA twigs, Planetary Assault Systems, Alan Johnson, SHXCXCHCXSH, L. Piere, and Helm; and new albums from Eric Copeland, Lonnie Holley, Saroos,
    SLUTEVER, Body/Head, Factory Floor, Jessy Lanza, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Astrid Engberg, Bill Orcutt, Walton, Katie Gately, Giuseppe Ielasi & Andrew Pekler, and some Laurent JEANNEAU field recordings from Southern China.
    Also in the show, ace reissue stock from Skatebard, and Human Expression; olde worlde sounds from Burkina Faso, Yugoslavia, and Puerto Rico; a look at some of the new Sahel Sounds releases, including PHENO S, Mdou Moctar and Idassane Wallet Mohamed; and it's El Mahdy Jr in this month's Wax Across The Water.

    Pete Jackson:
    Loads of show favourites bring new tunes to the party this month, not least of which include the debut session from Dandelion legends Sandfingers. Alongside this there's great new sounds from Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, Phoenix City All Stars and Pixies and favourites-in-the-making from Staer, Katie Gately and uSSSy plus a few glances over the shoulder to a 70's Turkish psych-folk masterpiece, some 80's German body music and a couple of little corkers first played by Peel back in the day.

    As usual a three hour show packed with new music - including two brand new debut sessions - one from festival favourites Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores, and another from deep soul singer Victoria Anderson. There's also new tracks from dog legs; The Carbon Manual; Tyrannosaurus Dead; The Wedding Present; Amida; The Spook School; Crystal Stilts; Dean Wareham; Electrophonvintage; The Proctors; Joanna Gruesome; Colour Me Wednesday; Mammoth Penguins; and Elizabeth Morris.
    There's electronica from Kolsch; Joris Voorn; Holden; and perhaps surprisingly Yoko Ono (although to be fair she has been remixed by the great Danny Tenaglia).
    In the wake of last month's international cassette store day it seems the format is making something of a comeback - I play tracks by Trust Fund and Playlounge.
    There's new tracks from a couple of longstanding Peel favourites who perhaps sum up the breadth of his musical tastes - Carcass and Laura Cantrell (although sadly not working together on this occasion - now THAT I would like to hear!).
    This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a Jamaican 45 from 1968, while this month's Peel's Big 45 is from 1975, by an artist you might at first glance not associate with John Peel.
    As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The Dean Forest (Timber) Act was passed by parliament in 1808, and in the following eight years 11,000 acres of The Forest Of Dean were fenced off, denying the local population their historic rights to hunt, graze, mine or cut timber. The consequent impoverishment lead directly to the Dean Forest Riots of 1831.

    Sean Hocking:
    October already ... how did that happen? Soon people will be asking for end of year charts. 2013 is proving to be a good year for new music even if China's underground has gone a bit quiet of late. I might have to compile a top 100 at this rate. In this month's show we've got some more portugal the man, The Woolen Men and where would we be without a White Fang track about partying. This isn't the featured White Fang track in the show but I do love the video for Bad Boys. Plus we've got a couple of killer Jamaican tunes from the early seventies on the show as well as my new favourite from Sydneysiders, Destiny 3000.
    The Real (Kim) Deal is a song and aesthetic that harks back to those wonderful days of the Triffids debut album, the go-betweens earlier work and the Australia of Bob Hawke, a real Aussie !!!!
    Other gems include new tracks from Death Grips, the wonderfully obscure Melt Banana and you can't go wrong with a Hot Chip remix.