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Jessie and The Toy Boys
Jessie And The Toy Boys is the solo project of Jessie Malakouti. She is an American singer-songwriter, actress and dancer.

Jessie Malakouti began her professional performing career as a dancer at a young age working the Hollywood audition circuit. She appeared in several music videos and commercials through out her early teens. In 2006 Malakouti began writing songs and performing live in sweaty dives along the Sunset Strip with her all girl So-Cal rock/rap band called Shut Up Stella and soon after signed with Epic Records. Shut Up Stella's music appeared in a variety of media between 2007–2008; "Watch Me Rain" was featured in MTV's "Sweet 16 The Movie" and "Welcome to My Party" appeared in the 2008 films "Girl Positive" and Baby Mama. On March 27, 2008 it was announced on their MySpace page that Shut Up Stella had been dropped by Epic and that Malakouti had decided to go solo. In 2008 Malakouti's songs "Trash Me" and "Outsider" appeared in episodes of MTV's The Hills. The songs were also independently released as music videos and digital downloads by Malakouti herself. In the summer of 2009, Malakouti was an opening act for select dates on The Saturdays' UK Work Tour. A remix of her song "Standing Up for the Lonely" appeared on Ministry of Sound's 2009 The Annual 2010 compilation. She is published as a songwriter by EMI and has been spliting her time between Los Angeles and London working on her debut solo album as well as writing for The UK's top pop production house Xenomania.
In June 2010 Jessie announced that she had formed a new band called 'Jessie And The Toy Boys' with four other mannequins as her band members. Popular music blog PopJustice was first to stream audio snippets for 'Jessie and the Toy Boys' up coming record. In the article music critique Peter Robinson says the new songs are "top notch" and exclaims, "Jessie is a big talent with enough proper actual popstarry xfactular 'star quality' to be a brilliant ambassador for her own tunes".

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