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Criado em: 11 Abr 2004
Jay-Jay Johanson..
the master of trip-hop..
crying.. dying..
great for heartbroked ones..
glad to see you're back in town with a new forthcoming LP..

if you don't know...

Swedish trip-hop crooner Jay-Jay Johanson is back with a new LP entitled "The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known." The forthcoming disc, his eighth, is slated for a December release.

After 2005's "Rush," an electropop set geared towards disco dancing, his current lead "She Doesn't Live Here Anymore" harks back to his earlier trip hop exercises and is a wistful and welcomed return-to-form for Jay-Jay. Perfect for nighttime and subdued reflection, it's a great tune to accompany the autumn months.

Its video captures the stark, minimalist qualities of the tune's melody. Set in an impoverished pocket of Shanghai, China, the visuals are mute, surreal and melancholic. There's a cinéma vérité feel to the scenes in this short film. Even brief flourishes of communist imagery.

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