Where has all the Ivy gone?

  • Where has all the Ivy gone?

    Ivy hasn't toured in a while. I'm assuming it is because of the whole Dominique Durand pregnancy but I really know nothing. Not only have they not released any information that I can find but they haven't updated their site (http://www.unfilteredrecords.com/new/flash.html) in almost a year. Could Ivy be breaking up?

  • I hope not there awesome!<3

  • I doubt it

    The boys have all been busy with side projects. Ivy did tour in '05 to support In The Clear. I saw them here in San Diego and they were simply awesome.

  • Update

    New album "All Hours" (http://www.last.fm/music/Ivy/All+Hours) released earlier this year. It is awesome! They have a couple of tour dates scheduled this coming September. Hopefully they add some more...

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