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Invaders Must Die is the fifth studio album by the electronic act The Prodigy which was released during February and March 2009 on the band's new label "Take Me To The Hospital". The album was distributed by Cooking Vinyl. It is the first studio album released by the band since 2004's Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned and is the first Prodigy album since 1997's The Fat of the Land to feature all three members of the band.

On October 21 2009, the album was expanded into 2 CDs, and 1 DVD, on The Prodigy's website. Invaders Must Die: Special Edition included remixes of the album itself, a different album cover, and a DVD containing Music videos and live performances of it. The MP3 version of a track from the album's Special Edition was available for Stand-Alone Download, on the Website also. Additionally, The remix single, named "Invaders Must Die (Liam H Re-amped Version)", was released on November 30th, 2009. Over a couple weeks after the Special Edition was released on November 11th, 2009.


During the Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned tour the band debuted two new songs, "Warning" and "Dead Ken Beats". "Warning" features Keith Flint on vocals and consists of heavy bass lines and guitar riffs. "Dead Ken Beats" prominently features a sample of the Dead Kennedys' song "California über alles", and vocals by Maxim.

The band played another new track during the Their Law tour. The song, which was printed on a setlist as "Heatwave", is thought to have been renamed "Heatwave Hurricane", due to Liam Howlett listing it among his favourite songs in a recent interview. It has been described as "something like a cross between 'Hotride' (live version) and the 'Firestarter' remix". A short clip can be seen on YouTube, revealing that the song includes a sample of "I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time" by The Third Bardo, a song which is also featured on Howlett's Back to Mine compilation.

At the Sheffield and Birmingham gigs (May 16 and May 17 2008 respectively), the band played three new tunes: "World's on Fire", "Warrior's Dance", and "Unstoppable". They also played a new version of "Dead Ken Beats". At the Gatecrasher festival on May 25 2008, the band played another new tune: "Mescaline".

The new album was set to be released in summer 2007. However, in a May 2007 interview Howlett stated, "The album will be first quarter of next year, with one single before. It is going well and we are loving it. There are a lot of ideas, maybe 25, we are now starting to finish the best tunes and getting vocals written." Howlett revealed in an April 2008 interview that he had three more months of work left for the new album. He also said that he has a working album title and song titles, but is not ready to publicly announce them.

Details about the album were released on November 4, through The Prodigy's official newsletter. The band said that the album would go back to their "old-school but cutting edge" roots, and should feature collaborations with Dave Grohl (of Foo Fighters and Nirvana) and James Rushent (of Does It Offend You, Yeah?), but would not feature any guest vocals. The album became released as a CD, CD/DVD set, Double vinyl, digital download and a luxury 7-inch vinyl box set which can include five 7-inches, CD/DVD, bonus CD, poster, stickers and stencils.

To coincide with the release of the album, the band embarked on a nine date, UK arena tour, with support from Dizzee Rascal, Noisia and Herve and DJ Kissy Sell Out.


Initial critical response to Invaders Must Die was somewhat mixed. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has received an average score of 60, based on 20 reviews. However, the album has been well received by the fans.

Chart performance

The album debuted at the top of the UK Album Chart on the March 1 2009 with 97,254 copies sold, giving them their fourth consecutive number one album in the UK. The album performed well worldwide as well, entering the top five in Poland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Germany. The album debuted at #117 in the US but jumped to #58 in its second week. The album received Gold sales status of over 35000 units in Australia on the April 12 2009. As of November 7th the album has sold over 1 million copies worldwide (as stated by the official Prodigy online store).

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