Association of Internet Researchers Conference in October

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    • Jun 13 2007, 5h08

    Association of Internet Researchers Conference in October

    Registration is now open for Internet Research 8.0: Let's Play here

    The conference meets in Vancouver from October 17-20. For those not familiar, it's a (mostly) academic conference that draws several hundred people from diverse disciplines and many nations, all of whom look at social aspects of the internet. Very fun people, very fun conference.

    The conference program and other information can be found here.

    I have put together a panel about the challenges and opportunities for studying social networking sites that's got some stellar participants including people from the Pew Project on the Internet and American Life, Facebook, HP, and some blogging academics like Fred Stutzman and danah boyd, plus some other real smart folks and little old me.

    Come one, come all!

    Many of the people in this group got here through AoIR, but if you're not familiar with the organization, please investigate further at

  • Didn't know AoIR. Just checked the site and am extremely interested in that. Will soon be registering my e-mail.

    Unfortunately I cannot attend the event due to, er, geographical issues ;). But if an online version of it is created....

    • popgurl disse...
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    • Set 27 2007, 13h21
    Metaphored -- there was an effort a couple of years ago to create a sub-AoIR mailing list in Portuguese spearheaded by a Brazilian who has been involved with AoIR -- if you are interested, I'll get you her email so you can contact her. So far AoIR has very few South Americans, which we would really like to change. It's tended very heavily toward Americans, Canadians, and Northern Europeans.

  • Popgurl, that seems really very interesting! You can send me a PVT message with the contacts so I maybe can begin a conversation - anyway, with or without my fellow Brazilians!

    I am currently part of a group called "cyberlawyers" in Brazil, devoted to discussion of impacts of electronic communications on Law. Maybe that could be a start, together with my academic connections here in BR.

    Sorry for the late answer, did not find a notification system here in yet.... ;-)

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