i love Imogen heap

  • i love Imogen heap



    (it posted my last post twice.. so i thought i'd edit it and write something else.. since I couldn't figure out how to delete it)

  • PsychoSaurus can delete it should he wish.

    My music listening habits have changed quite alot recently and one of the ways which it has changed is that I am now listening to a hell of a lot of Imogen Heap. I heard about her throught last.fm under the duo Frou Frou - Which is also brilliant.

    Considering I call myself a drum&bass head, her beautiful voice is just so warming and overwhelming, I just can't get enought of her.


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    • lukels disse...
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    • Ago 21 2006, 1h52
    oh god, you know how much i love imogen heap (: ahah seriously, i love this band, this is so perfect! her music are so fucking unbeliveable! that's amazing and so fucking perfect! =)

    I wish that just once people wouldn't act like the clichés that they are.


  • lukels said:
    i love this band

    Uhh... right...

    • pukla disse...
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    • Abr 16 2007, 12h26
    she's just so lovely and has a beutiful voice. i'm a little bit in love with her right now.

    • myuway disse...
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    • Mai 16 2007, 10h38
    I love her music...XD,I am not good at English,I cannot find a word to descibe how I enjoy her music~~~every night before I sleep,I listen to her songs~~~so amazing...

  • going with what "OMGsplosion" said

    hahaha yeah thats kinda funny that someone said they love this "band" considering its JUST ONE PERSON.

    Naomi Anurag Lahiri
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jun 4 2008, 7h46
    I like her too, so pretty britain girl, we just can't not love them :)

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    • taarnu disse...
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    • Dez 11 2008, 20h09

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  • Ah well, Immi is just great.
    It was on Last.fm where I heard the song "Must Be Dreaming" and I instantly
    fell in love with her voice. I also got "Speak For Yourself" short after I figured
    out that she recorded 2 solo albums. And of course I like Ellipse, too.
    Some of the songs still didn't work for me...as well as "I Megaphone" which
    I still couldn't decide to buy.

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