QN5's Substantial Makes His MTV2 Debut This Week

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    • Mai 26 2008, 22h46

    QN5's Substantial Makes His MTV2 Debut This Week


    QN5 Music is proud to announce its network television debut with the airing of Substantial’s music video for “It’s You (I Think)” on MTV2’s Sucker Free – every day from May 27-29, 2008 @ 4 PM & 8 PM.

    This Watch it! DVR it! YouTube It! Whatever you do…DO NOT MISS QN5 on the biggest music channel on television. And THEN, let your voice be heard by MTV and show them that you support Substantial and the New Hip Hop movement. We can’t stress this enough – this is a huge moment for us – let’s make good on the forward momentum and flood them with emails and positive comments.

    WHERE TO COMMENT: http://suckerfreeblog.mtv.com/
    WHERE TO SEND LETTERS: tips@suckerfreeblog.com

    If we can show the world there’s enough of a buzz, this will open the doors for the rest of the qn5 collective. So, if you’re a CunninLynguists fan or a Tonedeff fan, or a PackFM fan, etc…show love for Substantial. As you can see, it all adds up. We’ve fought tooth and nail to get to this point and we’re one step closer – but we can only get to the next step with your support. Let’s let the world know we’re here to stay.

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