Finnish Old School Death Metal

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A group dedicated to Finnish Old School Death Metal bands and newer bands (from Finland) that are true to the originators of the genre.

Finnish Old School Death Metal

As you can see this is a group for fans of Finnish Old School Death Metal...I figured that there a many forums, pages and things like that dedicated to Old School Swedish Death Metal but not that many for Old School Finnish Death Metal and it's bands ...which I feel is equally as amazing with just as many amazing bands!

I have no intentions of making this a group for elitist pricks (I would like to keep spreading the word on awesome death metal as it can never get enough praise) but at the same time I don't want to clutter up the group with people that just want to talk shit about other user's favourite artists, young users who seem to be trying to follow Death Metal as some sort of trend, people that like all that wigger slam baggy trouser hip-hop metal shit or people that don't have a clue (in my opinion) what real death metal is.

These videos were created by YouTube user XysmicExecration so make sure you go check out his other awesome videos...

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