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A group for those who love the goth subculture and the realm of fae, as well as myths and folklore, paganism, nature, and fantasy. Come one come all - if you dare. ;)

Faerie Goth (from blackwaterfall.com):

There are Goths who like vampires, Goths who like zombies, and then there are Goths who are drawn to the mysterious world of the faerie. Blending elements of Romantic and Hippy goth together with a dusting of New Romantic, the Faerie Goth style conjures images of fantasy and folktale. Just add wings and glitter for a final touch.

Music that has been most closely associated with Faerie Goth is the ethereal genre - the slow, atmospheric melodies from the likes of Cocteau Twins, Black Tape for a Blue Girl and, naturally, The Changelings.

Faerie goths can be found in frolicking in forests, moonlit meadows or, failing that, deeply engrossed in a book of magical tales of old.
Of course, I would like to expand on this by saying that the lot of us might be more drawn to music that focuses more on faeries and folklore in general, such as Omnia, Qntal, Faun, Faith and the Muse, Priscilla Hernandez, Wendy Rule, Hagalaz' Runedance, The Moon and the Nightspirit, etc.

Alas, all types of music are welcome, so long as it brings a sense of otherworldliness over one. :)

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