• Jean-Marc Lederman Experience - The Last Broadcast On Earth CD recensie @…

    Jun 28 2015, 21h11 por GothicBowie666

    Jean-Marc Lederman Experience- The Last Broadcast on Earth

    Het rijtje artiesten waarmee Jean-Marc Lederman in het verleden heeft samengewerkt is zonder meer indrukwekkend te noemen. Fad Gadget, The The, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Weathermen tot Front242 zijn amper een paar artiesten en bands waar hij zijn medewerking aan heeft verleend. Dat lijkt me toch geen klein bier? Maar Lederman mag dan al een verleden hebben om 'u' tegen te zeggen, ook anno 2015 blijft deze man platen maken en grenzen verleggen. Onder het project Jean-Marc Lederman Experience brengt hij de plaat The Last Broadcast On Earth uit. Deze experimentele ervaring kwam eerst uit als een gratis videogame en een website, met als doel dat een idee wordt verspreid over verschillende platformen (iOS / Android / PC / Mac). Het lijstje zangers uit 8 verschillende landen is eveneens immens te noemen.

    Op een rijtje zijn dit:

    Julianne Regan (All About Eve)
    Anna Domino
    Jenna Fearon
    Arianna Froxeanne (The Frozen Autumn)
    Sophie Drakenvleugels en Raya Shaduwjaagster van Dark Poem
    Mari Kattman (Mari & The Ghost)
    Takeko Akamatsu (Craftwife)
    Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel)
    Frank M. Spinath (Seabound, Ghost & Writer)
    Jacques Duvall
    Bruce Geduldig (Tuxedomoon)
    Tom Shear (Assemblage 23)
    Sam Devos (For Greater Good)

    En uiteraard Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen, Alain Bashung, Fad Gadget) zelf
    Met inbreng van Bertand Burgalat en Matt Johnson.

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  • Quantum Fantay - Terragaia Cd recensie @ snoozecontrol.be

    Jun 28 2015, 21h00 por GothicBowie666

    Quantum Fantay - Terragaia

    Quantum Fantay is, en daar ben ik heel trots op, afkomstig uit mijn geboortestad Lokeren. Pieter Van den Broeck (a.k.a. Pete Mush) en Wouter De Geest (a.k.a. Jaro) richtten de groep op. Ondertussen heeft Quantum Fantay diens sporen ruimschoots verdiend binnen het Spacerock/experimentele muziekgebeuren. Met als gevolg klasseplaten als Agapanthusterra (2005), Ugisiunsi (2007),Kaleidothrope (2009), Bridges Of Kukuriky (2010) en Terragaia (2014). Dit laatste album nemen we verder in dit artikel onder de loep. Bovendien wisten ze ondertussen een heel sterke live reputatie uit te bouwen, de heel psychedelisch aanvoelende muziek gecombineerd met speciale effecten op het podium deed ons in het verleden meermaals in een deugddoende trance belanden.

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  • Fotoverslag: Grensrock @ snoozecontrol.be

    Jun 28 2015, 20h26 por GothicBowie666

    dag 1 - 26/06/2015

    Grensrock opende dag 1 met stralende zon, een mooi gevulde pleine en een aangename organisatie. Bekijk in dit album onder meer: Scrappy Tapes - Robbing Millions -Douglas Firs en Wallace Vanborn.

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    dag 2 - 27/06/2015

    Ook de tweede dag van Grensrock werd in stijl geopend. The RG's mochten de boel platspelen en deze werden gevolgd door The Sha-La-Lee's -Nordmann - BRNS -Steve Gunn - Raketkanon - Magnus. Bekijk het fotoverslag binnenin.

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  • Smart Eclectic Group: 2015-03 Final Results

    Jun 22 2015, 3h23 por Ataraxiainc

  • Mari & The Ghost - Superstitions Cd recensie @ snoozecontrol.be

    Jun 20 2015, 20h10 por GothicBowie666

    Mari & the Ghost - Superstitions

    In het elektronische genre is Mari Kattman al lang geen onbekende meer. Zo leende ze haar stem aan vermaarde artiesten binnen het genre als Psy'Aviah en iVardensphere. Ook haar medewerking aan het project van de al even bekende artiest Jean-Marc Lederman is ons niet ontgaan. Het project Mari & The Ghost is een samenwerking tussen Mari Kattman en Jean-Marc Lederman. We krijgen dromerige soundscapes voorgeschoteld, die de wondermooie stem van Mari nog wat beter in de verf zetten. De platenhoes laat een sterrenhemel zien, en doet denken aan menig pop plaat waar alles rozengeur en maneschijn lijkt te zijn. Hoewel de donkere schaduw links een andere inbreng doet vermoeden. Vergis u dus zeker niet, Superstitions is totaal geen kleffe popplaat geworden: integendeel zelfs! Net het schipperen tussen verschillende uiteenlopende melancholische aspecten, met vaak een donkere achtergrond, is de rode draad doorheen het geheel.

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  • North Hive - Gaia

    Jun 20 2015, 14h38 por psenough

    enrmp375 - North hive - Gaia

    Ambient album by North Hive, mixing drone sounds and field recordings in their characteristic laidback style. Co-released with GV sound, with a couple bonus tracks for the Enough Records release.

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  • Ronan Le Barbare album review instrumental metal

    Jun 17 2015, 9h26 por fabrykamagazine

    Ronan Le Barbare - Ronan Le Barbare |self-released, 2015| 4/5 instrumental metal

    1. Intro, 2. A Furor Normanorum, 3. Ascension Of The Black Insane Heart, 4. Tamdin, 5. In Utero, 6. The Barbarian, 7. Thulsa Doom, 8. Aromael, 9. Amen (Sepultura Cover)

    Ronan Le Barbare is a solo project by French guitarist Ronan LeBouc. He has been making music for the last 17 years and the self-tilted album is his debut. Judging by the title, the musician has been touched and inspired by iconic 80's movies about a mighty warrior - Conan The Barbarian - which illustrated such aspects of human nature as brutality, spirituality, honor, vengeance, and sadness.

    The album brings a collection of professionally arranged and performed instrumental songs which were mixed and mastered by Ronan's friend Vonig Le Mee. The highly poetic, spiritually moving "Intro" opens the tracklist with light guitar leitmotifs as well as an intriguing synth part. It is then followed by a series of chunky guitar riffs synced very well with drums, which all announce the arrival of "A Furor Normanorum". Technically, this 8+ minutes long track consists of two parts. The first is dynamic and metal-orientated and provides catchy arrangements (loud rhythm guitars vs soloing, background voice samples and slightly intrusive drums). The second is built upon repetitive, heavy guitar parts and sounds less rhythmic, yet captures the essence of human pain and suffering. It's finished with a murky, buzzing, electronic effect.

    The introduction to "Ascension Of The Black Insane Heart" is a large quote taken from American Psycho movie where the protagonist, Patrick Bateman was confessing about his inner drama. The song keeps the tension, expressed through altered, extended, and sometime heavier guitar riffs, whereas a woman's lamentation and her insane laughter are the cherry on the pie of the overall atmosphere of this track. The arrangements are quite repetitive and tightly fill in this lengthy suite.

    "Tamdin" begins innocently with an almost Victorian or even New Age set of passages. These then become enriched and develop into an epic guitar-driven arrangement. A Tibetan-like invocation comes in surprisingly, lowering the tone of the track and preparing the listener for a heavier ride. The drums, bass, and guitar that follow collaborate nicely, bringing a progressive metal vibe that sounds very vital thanks to a multitude of changes. The heavier part could definitely make a dynamic soundtrack for an action video game. Gloomy voices return to decrease the tempo and lead to an ending where two guitar arrangements (one gradual, the other stretched) collaborate together nicely, building up the mysterious atmosphere.

    If you like melodious gothic moods, then the opening of "In Utero" should please you with its 'windy' mood and subtle, positive guitar arrangements. There's a feel of loneliness and isolation here, which slightly warms up until the spirited progressive rock riffs show up. Next, a very well written and performed, and also instantly memorable part of the composition starts. The listeners might vividly imagine a lone guitar virtuoso performing on a high cliff, with a grey sky as background, but also thunder and lightning approaching behind his silhouette. This lengthy composition gives some space for more 'exotic' instruments and ambient sounds such as ocean waves, which it ends with.

    Now, in the name of aforementioned Conan, here comes "The Barbarian", with the most memorable Q&A quote from the movie ('Conan! What is best in life?') in the beginning, and the heaviest metal arrangements presented on this album. The rhythm guitars are layered and sound dirty, with shredding bringing us into higher tones. The drum parts are packed tightly and put on the top along with the bass lines. Tuned down, mighty guitar riffs come up next, reminiscent of Ministry's dense industrial metal vibe and enriched with similarly sampled quotes. Ideal for headbanging. Then the chase slows down again and the focus changes to cold melodic guitar riffs, supported by a slightly chaotic background. Both gradually fade away into the end of the song.

    "Thulsa Doom" is another sonic trip into the heavy metal lands, with a dramatic performance by James Earl Jones, also sampled from the first Conan movie. Vibrating guitar riffs keep the sound up and spacey, while interestingly altered rhythm guitars attack from the other side like a swarm of angry hornets. The drums are very well matched, and don't steal attention from the initial guitar-driven dynamics. It's the best track of the whole album in my opinion, thanks to lively arrangements and equally interesting sonic backgrounds. It seems as if they make both of your brain’s hemispheres engaged into processing the incoming sound waves. Ronan openly and successfully shows a full spectrum of both playing and songwriting skills here.

    You'll need some rest after the exposure to such a heavy cannonade. The eighth track on the album brings acoustic, subtle arrangements written for both guitar and synths. Moreover, it is the song which Ronan wrote for his daughter. Guitar riffs flow in steadily like ocean waves, later shaped into rock arrangements. A modulated sound of bells ends the track giving it a spiritual, ambient vibe.

    The album’s closing track is the only one with actual vocals. Ronan chose to cover Sepultura's "Amen" with his very well matched, partly-growled voice that comes very close to the original. When the original song's overall tune is harsher, and more 'underground' thanks to a strongly accented bass, Ronan's version sounds much cleaner & spacey. Yet, his guitar riffs sound heavier and more modern than Sepultura’s. The song features an opera-like singer's voice, though Sepultura's original sounds more exotic, with the classical vibe playing that part here.

    Ronan LeBouc seems to enjoy changing arrangements and may not settle down for making a track with just one mood, one arrangement, and all those repetitions that usually appear in popular song structures. The entire debut presents a cross-section of Ronan's best compositions so far, rather than being a concept album, but the music has lots to say to careful listeners. His songwriting and instrumental talents definitely are in their prime for another release, which could cover an original story narrated with several integrated chapters.

    (Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, industrialrock.net, June 15th, 2015)
    Source: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=557


    Buy: https://ronanlebarbare.bandcamp.com

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  • Fotoverslag: Christopher Paul Stelling - De Zwerver Leffinge - 14 Juni 2015 @…

    Jun 15 2015, 17h58 por GothicBowie666

    Sun 14 Jun – Christopher Paul Stelling

    Christopher Paul Stelling gaf gisteren het beste van zichzelf in De Zwerver te Leffinge. 2 jaar lang hebben we erop moeten wachten vooraleer hij weer naar dit gezellig caféetje kwam. Maar ditmaal bracht hij een wondermooie vrouw met zich mee die ons evenwel omver kon blazen met haar stem. Bekijk het fotoverslag binnenin.

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    Jun 14 2015, 16h14 por Glejs


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  • Director Rob Avery interview mentions Nurse Hatchet / Slashers Gone Wild connection…

    Jun 11 2015, 14h29 por MixtressDesade

    dig this interview with Director Rob Avery of Slashers Gone Wild.
    talking all about the original movie release & the upcoming sequels in the worx right now! & mention of Nurse Hatchet's involvement as the Slashers Inc recruiter Nurse & the upcoming "Origin of Nurse Hatchet issue #2 comicbook (the Slashers Inc. Connection)
    read the Rob Avery interview article
    get the original SLASHERS GONE WILD on dvd now!
    ~ Nurse's Orders!! ;) Slashers Gone Wild dvd link