Tips for a begginer

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    Tips for a begginer

    Hello everyone. I've been playing drums for about four months, and since there are very experienced drummers in this group, I'm asking for any tips and advices on how can I improve my skills.

  • The practice pad is your absolute God. Worship it.
    Practice rudiments as much as possible on the pad. Single Strokes, Double Strokes, Paradiddles and Flams are crucial to your success as a drummer.
    There are a lot more things, but I'll them later.

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    Only one advice from me:
    Whatever you play, play it with METRONOME. That's the key!

  • Not that i'm such an experienced player, (3 or 4 years?) but here's my tip:

    try to learn drumming in different styles, even though you're not interested in playing them. You learn all kinds of things of it on the way.

    I gained speed from playing heavy rock stuff, learned to use my left foot easier on jazz comping, trained coordination with latin stuff, etc.

  • Well, the most important thing for me is to RELAX! One thing you can do is play one pattern that you like and play it every day trying to make it sound better and better. Relaxing into it. Trying to make each sound source play at the same volume. Make it rock solid!

    If you want some pointers on developing your left hand check out the post I left on "I need to strengthen my left hand...".

    Listen to music how the instruments play together one by one (but that'll take time).

    AND last but not least learn the subdivisions by heart, counting them out until they become second nature (1& for eighth notes, 1e&a for sixteenth notes, 1e& for triplets, etc...)

    Which drum methods are you using? Do you have a teacher?



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