Good, Dark and Violent Drum and Bass

    • Tiemuuu disse...
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    • Jun 10 2011, 20h06

    Good, Dark and Violent Drum and Bass

    Recently I have managed to get my hands on some proper drum and bass albums, some are from Hospitality recordings. While I enjoy the techo-uplifty-sound of it, I would like to find some Heavy and Dark drum and bass as well. Something like Ed rush & Optical and Bad Company!

    If you can recommend me good artists and albums, I would appreciate it! Oh, and I never download my music. I'm a collector and buy CDs. So if you can, link me to a retailer's site where I could order the album/s from, at a reasonable price :) (I live in Finland, so it should be in Europe)

  • Yo Tiemuuu,

    try Bassrk - Mephisto (free track), Body & Soul / & Fourward, you already mentioned Ed Rush & Optical and Utopia.

    For the CD's, try these two:

    • NGcs disse...
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    • Jun 12 2011, 18h48
    Hospitality? You mean from Venetian Snares? That's violent but pretty far from dnb...

    You can also buy used or brand new CDs on discogs ;)

    these are my favourites:

    Stakka & Skynet - Voyager

    Bulletproof - Dark Times Desperate Measures

    Gridlok - Break The System

    Welcome To Violence

    • Tiemuuu disse...
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    • Jun 12 2011, 19h30
    Thanks a lot for the advice :) Well, most people like to put all Jungle's subgenres and even some other music under the umbrella of "drum and bass", so I just go with the flow :) Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Darkcore, Liquid funk, Neurofunk and all that still has, to some extent, the same distinctive sound, imo.

  • If you want really dark and violent, listen to stuff like Current Value, Cooh, Limewax, Donny etc - that is seriously dark and violent though.

    Otherwise you want Noisia (the older stuff though), Klute, Spor, Black Sun Empire, Dom & Roland, Phace, Octane & DLR.

    If you go to this website you can listen to mixes, a lot of which have tracklistings, and you can decide what you like and go from there.

    Best bet for CDs is - you can also listen to stuff before you buy it on here.

    Hope that's of some use!

    • ouiil disse...
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    • Jul 3 2011, 22h14
    check that: hallucinator - psychopathia
    anyway every track of this band is really dark

    • K0NR4D88 disse...
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    • Jul 6 2011, 12h49
    • Acidsek disse...
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    • Mai 13 2012, 0h03
    Look into Current Value. He's got quite a dope set of tunes that are what you're looking for.

  • This one is pretty good.

    • skinruin disse...
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    • Jun 4 2012, 3h03
    Some dark shit I have heard today:

    ^^ Anything by Evol Intent really, but was jammin' that today.

    I did not check to see if there are cd's available for order, but it would def be worth looking into.

    Take care.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jun 8 2012, 12h27
    what about PRSPCT recordings?

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