blessing and a curse

  • blessing and a curse

    what do you guys think of this album?

    Upon the first few listens nothing has really grabbed me. Seems to be a little too much on the easy listening side for my tastes so far. Perhaps it will grow on me more.

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    • Abr 28 2006, 20h58
    I like it... don't love it by any stretch of the imagination. Better than no album at all this year, but kind of thin material-wise. Space City grabs me, Gravity's Gone is killer, Aftermath is decent... other than that, nothing else is among their top-flight material.

  • Not one of my favorite DBT albums, but I like it nore than The Dirty South so far, and will give it time to grow on me. Jason's "Daylight" just blows me away every time I hear it, his tracks have been the standouts of the last three albums for me (no small feat when talented songwriters like Patterson and Cooley are in the group).

  • I think that the influence of Jason is getting bigger.
    Less "dirty" and more main-stream.

  • B&C is not better than Dirty South. You have to be on a strict regiment of methadone and valium to believe that. No, Jason isnt having a bigger influence of the music. You guys think that Jason is some adult contemporary artist. His not Michael Bolton.

    Jason is a nice element of DBT.
    Listen to Pizza Deliverance and remember where it started you clove smoking, pony tail wearing ass clowns.

  • New DBT Album

    The new DBT albums "The Big To Do" comes out on March 16th. Can't wait!! Free download song on there website.

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