What is the best song Dio has ever sang?

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    • Fev 2 2008, 2h16

    What is the best song Dio has ever sang?

    In my opinion it is Rainbow in Dark. Holy Diver is almost as good in my opinion.

  • In my opinion ;

    1)_Gates of Babylon
    2)_Rainbow in the Dark
    3)_Last in Line - Shame on the Night

  • The Sign of the Southern Cross

    Samwise God of Thunder
  • Heaven and Hell

    Not the most original pick but that song is just awesome

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  • 1. Stargazer
    2. Temple of the King
    3. Children of the Sea

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    • Espenror disse...
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    • Abr 4 2009, 11h27
    1. Holy Diver
    2. The Last In Line
    3. Die Young

  • 1. Holy Diver
    2. Hide in the Rainbow
    3. Last in Line

    • Luquicas disse...
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    • Jun 13 2009, 3h48
    Why only 3 songs? O.o

    Every song of The Devil You Know
    Die Young
    Holy Diver
    Last In Line
    All The Fools Sailed Away

    I can't number all, but i rly enjoy his version of Dream On (Aerosmith cover)

    • McP3000 disse...
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    • Jun 30 2009, 0h06
    samlewis45 said:
    The Sign of the Southern Cross


  • all of them lol. cant choose one. dio's a beast!!! \m/

  • 1. Sign of the Southern Cross
    2. Computer God
    3. Holy Diver

  • Stargazer ,,/
    Rainbow Eyes
    Heaven and Hell
    Die Young


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  • All of them

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