Demi's Style Hot Or Not?

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    • Set 15 2009, 12h25

    Demi's Style Hot Or Not?

    Not only do we love her music and acting but do you also love her dress sense too? Personally I think she dresses to suit who she is...she always looks great :)

  • Agreed. <3

  • i like the way she dresses, too!

  • I love her style. It's totally her!

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  • I love her style! she is wonerful:)

    • Go15go8 disse...
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    • Out 29 2010, 20h24
    Yes her style is AWESOME! <333

    Jasmin <333
  • I like the things she used to wear on 2007/2008

  • but i dont think her style is hot...

  • love the style she's rocking right now :)

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