'Here We Go Again' Cover

  • 'Here We Go Again' Cover

    So, what do you guys think? I personally love it, and can't wait to have the album in my hands.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jun 9 2009, 7h09
    its soo nice

    • ericada disse...
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    • Jun 10 2009, 22h55
    It looks too much pop... I like her more when she is a ROCK STAAAAR =D lol

    Whatever, she looks hot even if she's wearing a sack of potatoes xDDD

  • doesnt really look her..
    but..its nice. (:

  • her eyebrows look weird, but i think it's pretty :)

  • she is so beautiful

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 4 2009, 4h49
    I love the cover! Can't wait for the album to come out

    • Zaration disse...
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    • Jul 11 2009, 9h35
    I love this cover, it's absolutely stunning

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 19 2009, 8h53
    Love it, best album cover ever. ♥

  • It's super pretty, and I love the whole booklet itself. She's grown up and matured so much. It's amazing how comfortable she is with herself. xD

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 7 2009, 10h29
    She looks soo pretty and the cover is just as good as don't forget except more of a close up :)

    • lenanj disse...
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    • Set 6 2009, 9h21
    It first I didn't really like it. I didn't really think it was good for an ALBUM cover, but I changed my mind now. It's great!

  • totally beautiful :) demi fans please add me :) xoxo

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