Favorite Hairstyle

  • Favorite Hairstyle

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  • my favorite hairstyle is bald

  • We really should get a gallery going as a reference point for people who are thinking of changing their hairstyles :)

    My present hairstyle is similar to this, but with more layering - currently, it's my natural colour (black) and is cut in layers that start from my chin and end just above my chest.

    Some random hair pics:

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    • Jul 13 2009, 5h17
    I don't know much about hair"style", but I really love when women do the stripes of color thing, you know, for example black hair with stripes of red or blue, or blonde with stripes of pink or red, something like that.

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    • Jul 13 2009, 19h16
    OK, this one has nothing to do with what I said before. I just love this style. (Although I have several favorites)

  • Wow, those legs *_*
    (I didn't even notice the hair)

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    • Out 2 2009, 13h17
    My own hairs are looking like this:

    Just darker. But I have natural curls.

    But also this is nice:

    And I like long hairs:

  • My Favorite Hairstyle

    Long hairstyle is my favorite, because whatever style such as straight, curly or wave can have it done with long haitstyle.

  • Hairstyles

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    hope you like the pictures..

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    • Ago 24 2011, 16h22
    I like shoulder-lengthed hair /or shorter/ with side parting on the top of the head.

    My hair looks like this:

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    • Jan 14 2014, 1h19
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