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The CerebralMix OggCast is a weekly music show bringing you the finest music from netlabels, the public domain, the creative commons, etc. Each week I develop a theme and present an hour (or more)...

The CerebralMix is a highly eclectic, weekly music show. All of the music is sourced from Creative Commons licensed works, or works that are compatible with Creative Commons licenses (such as works in the Public Domain). The show is produced using completely free / open source software,and is released primarily as in FLAC and OggVorbis formats.

You can stream the current episode from my website: CerebralRift. In the very near future I will have an archive page up with all of the episodes available for downloading or streaming.

So, if an extremely eclectic music show that you can immediately get all of the music from is of interest to you, please check out the CerebralMix last.fm group, and the CerebralMix show available from the CerebralRift.

You can subscribe to the podcast directly here: CerebralMix RSS Feed

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