Luminet - indie folk/noise pop/ambient

  • Luminet - indie folk/noise pop/ambient

    OK this is kind of specialized stuff but for lovers of chilled-out indie pop we hope you will find something new and enjoyable here!

    Our band Luminet released it's debut album Let's Dream in 2009.

    The title track Let's Dream is a gentle, dreamy song proving our love for Mazzy Star. If your tastes run to acoustic music, you may like Angel Next To Me and the offbeat male-vocal version of El Perro del Mar's Candy.

    Plan B is pop with a touch of noise (think Magnetic Fields). Lone Wolf is a laid-back but fuzzed-out Eels cover and Why I Love Country Music is a stripped-down Lloyd Cole and The Commotions song. Discreet is an ambient homage to the likes of Brian Eno, ideal for curing insomnia ;-)

    These songs and a few more are available on iTunes and Amazon, but we made our own website where you can download the whole album for $5 (and we get 100% of the profits :-).

    We've started work on our second album and hope to upload demos later this year.


    Luminet, indie folk/noise pop/ambient
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