Lungbutter (genre-bending, anti-pop, humour, satire, eclectic )

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    • Dez 2 2008, 15h14

    Lungbutter (genre-bending, anti-pop, humour, satire, eclectic )


    I, on behalf of my band mates JohnBidochka, fondula, and gillybeck, would like to say we are happy to be a part of this group.

    Lungbutter embraces the DIY ethic and supports others who are striving in the same regard. We like to make fun of ourselves, mostly because we love what we do too much to take it too "serious."

    This from our wiki page:

    Lungbutter has been described as, “the poster boys for free thought.” Satire, parody, sarcasm, and irony are pillars of the Lungbutter vernacular, and combined with a type of music known as “genre-bending-anti-pop,” Lungbutter manages to expose the sickness under the surface of mainstream society, all the while smiling and laughing with demented glee. Lungbutter’s music is bold, diverse, and without restraint; it flows effortlessly from one style of music to another, within a song and from song-to-song. Although their musical palette is as diverse as a Canadian winter, Lungbutter’s music is, ultimately, focused and cohesive.

    Let the good times roll.

    Tony A. Ward, Lungbutter

    "Music is your special friend
    dance on fire as it intends,
    music is your only friend
    until the end, until the end."
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