Northcape - Chilled melodic electronic/ ambient/ IDM

  • Northcape - Chilled melodic electronic/ ambient/ IDM

    Northcape make music inspired by nature, landscape and memory. It has its own style, but the closest reference points are probably electronic artists such as Ulrich Schnauss and Boards of Canada.

    A good starting point is the recent free d/l EP on Monotonik
    Some Bright Valley [mtk202]

    The album Detach is also available through CDbaby.

    If you like this stuff, you can join the mailing list for access to some free mp3s and information on new releases!

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  • Good point, I knew I'd forgotten something- thanks!

  • New chilled melodic track now up:

    Approaching The Trig. Point

    Maybe you'll like it! :-)

  • 'Captured from Static' now out on Sun Sea Sky

    The new album Captured From Static by Northcape is now out on Sun Sea Sky Productions!
    The product of an extended period of work refining, developing and deepening the distinctive Northcape sound, the album spans a range of genres from IDM to ambient and emotions from upbeat to meditative. Inspired by travel, landscape and personal experience, Captured From Static contains 11 of Northcape's best tracks so far, chosen to form a coherent and evocative collection of music. Please check it out!

    "... This is an album where each and every track is a gem... an album of considerable beauty, an album that enchants and invites the listener to visit spaces of memory and imagination.
    Greg Healey (HealeyIsland/ Dandelion Radio)

    Album artwork is by Liam Frankland.
    Visit the Sun Sea Sky website here :

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