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Líder: benjitz
Política de associação: Aberta
Criado em: 23 Mar 2004
For any audioscrobblers in or around Brighton


New bands cannot be connected with this group without hundreds of other bands being disconnected. This is because Last.FM placed a limitation of a maximum of 200 bands being allowed to be connected to any 1 group. (All the present band connections were added before this limitation was brought in, a then exhaustive list of all the Brighton-related artists I could find)

Although I would prefer that newer bands could be connected, the issue of the current interface, which makes you only able to delete one artist connection at a time, along with the issue of deciding *which* artists should be disconnected would make the process rather tedious, and is something I'm not prepared to do.

So, if you want your artist/band connected, I am willing to give you edit permissions in order to be delete the 117+ or so artists we are over in order to add your own band :) Msg me if you're prepared to do this, if not, please don't bother. Either way, good luck in your musical endeavours.

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