What Gigs/ Concerts have you been to or are going to?

    • Gliwek disse...
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    • Mai 27 2008, 5h21
    Tomorrow I`m going to Metallica concert in Śląski Stadium, Chorzów, Poland. Support: Mnemic, Machine Head. BTW my firt great concert ever. ;]

  • Back To The Forest Open Air 30.05.08

    Рассекая лбом пространсво, в такт ритмичного пси-транса, трансер топает по полу, нахуй дом, работу, школу!!!!

    In Trance We Trust
  • i went to my first concert a few months ago.
    Three Days Grace, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin. it was pretty sweet, not gonna lie!!!

    • isayhey disse...
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    • Mai 29 2008, 20h07
    ive seen Damien Rice, Willy Mason, The Guillemots, Kt Tunstall & Fionn Regan nd im gona go c Paramore on June 2nd, The Killers and BLoc Patry in August :D

    Don't Stop Rockin' To The Bang Bang Boogie
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. 4 October 2008. Oh god, I can't wait.

  • goshdarnyou said:
    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. 4 October 2008. Oh god, I can't wait.

    I've been at their concert in Lisbon, 21st April 2008 and I can tell you, you won't be disappointed ;)

    UP THE IRONS! \m/
  • Foo Fighters - Wembley Stadium


  • Just read my blog, theres a list with all bands i've been too...
    i think over 30 at this time...
    i'm looking forward to see anti-flag the hives and a lot more this year...

  • Not that many, because they're always so expensive... I've been to a couple of classical concerts, Ben Folds at Wolf Trap 3 or 4 times, Guster once (after they toured with Folds) and that's all I can remember right now. I almost saw Rufus Wainwright solo when he came to DC's 9:30 Club this last December, but I bought a ticket for my sister as a present and it would have been creepy if I went too. So close, and yet so far. :(

    • scum41 disse...
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    • Jun 15 2008, 10h47
    This summer i'm going to Rock Werchter (only one day: Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Editors and more).
    And 'The Lokerse Feesten' (with Sex Pistols, Massive Attack, Sinead O'Connor, Sonic Youth, Cassius and more).

    I can't wait ! :)

  • Yesterday Die Ärzte and as a support POOLSTAR and Die Türen

  • I'm gonna see Travis next week =)) with New Model Army, Mor Ve ötesi and Sakin =p I think, it will be the greatest day of my life because of Travis. ^^

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 2 2008, 1h01
    Last gig I went to was Dave Matthews Band, which was insane. Saw Death Cab for Cutie and R.E.M. last month and uh... this month I'm seeing John Mayer and a bunch of bands at Warped Tour.

  • I went to Paganfest in Raleigh, NC in May.
    It was the most utterly triumphant thing ever. Turisas should've headlined though, they were the best.

  • So far this year I've been to..
    Dream Theater (w/ Opeth, and 3)
    Megadeth (w/ In Flames)
    Newsboys (w/ Pillar, Skillet, and Thousand Foot Krutch)
    Killswitch Engage

    Going to...
    Collective Soul
    Judas Priest (w/ Testament)
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Motley Crue (w/ Trapt)
    Backstreet Boys (yes I know, it's funny)
    Joe Satriani

    And possibly Opeth again.

    • Mixoraa disse...
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    • Jul 23 2008, 16h02
    So far I've seen:
    James Blunt (8x)
    Damien Rice (2x)
    The Hoosiers (4x)
    Nerina Pallot
    Dada Ante Portas
    The Magic Numbers
    Zero 7

    Upcoming gigs:
    21st September '08: Jason Mraz
    26th September '08: Coldplay
    22nd October '08: James Blunt
    23rd October '08: James Blunt
    28th October '08: James Blunt
    01st November '08: James Blunt
    24th November '08: The Kooks

    What if this storm ends and leaves us nothing except a memory, a distant echo?
  • now that i think about it, not that many actually... well my first concert was the red hot chili peppers (no, to be honest, my very very first one was shania twain but i was far too young to know what i've been doing back then so that doesn't really count^^), after that, i've seen die fantastischen vier, a german band, and the hives - which was absolutely great btw, i've nearly touched pelle's foot once :D - and a month ago i went to an austrian festival, nova rock with a lot of great bands... and well, now it's three more weeks until the next festival around here =) looking forward to it very much already (:

  • I saw the Foo Fighters in july, man it was great, and in about two weeks I will see Die Ärzte.

  • My first concert was the Beach Boys, but the crowd was dead, and from where I was sitting, the stage looked like a tiny little square (and I went with my parents who don't even listen to the Beach Boys, surprisingly enough).

    Recently the Click Five came (yuck). I hate hate hate hate them.

    That's what happens if you live in the Philippines

  • Just saw Motley Crue last night. Awesome show.

  • I've been to:
    Queen W/ Paul Rodgers
    Roger Waters
    The Who
    Alice Cooper (twice)
    Page & Plant No Quater
    Porcupine Tree
    Ozzfest (3 Times)
    Cheap Trick
    Van Halen
    3 (My band opened for them)
    New English (Every concert they've done, that's my band)

    I'm going to...
    New English again.
    Nightwish on Sept. 6.

    I killed my conscience, and now I feel bad about it - Syd
  • 23-23 aug. coke live music festival - The prodigy, Missy Elliott, Sean Paul & others at Muzeum Lotnictwa, Cracow, Poland

    • Valsira disse...
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    • Ago 25 2008, 6h23
    My city doesn't get many concerts so I mostly go to gigs of local bands. Last one was Renee-Louise Carafice, she was amazing.

  • last bands i saw were:

    Idlewild, saw them twice in 4 days (well 3 times as they opened for themselves doing acoustic set first)
    Coming Soon (werid french band but very good)
    then on saturday went to Reading Festival and saw:

    The Killers
    Bloc Party
    The Raconteurs
    We Are Scientists x 2
    Dirty Pretty Things
    Mystery Jets
    The Subways
    British Sea Power
    The Automatic

  • My first was The Strokes, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, M.I.A and Mundo Livre S/A at the Tim Festival, 2005,
    after, the Claro q é rock Festival (both promoved by celular companys), with nothing but Sonic Youth, NIN, Iggy Pop, Flaming Lips.
    after it I watched Aerosmith at Morumbi Stadium last year, and I think my life is complete now (:

    here in Brazil is kinda hard to bring bands like these...

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