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A place to meet and chill for all psy~travellers :)

Psybient, also known as "Ambient Psy", "Ambient Goa", "Ambient Psytrance" and more commonly within the Goa/psytrance scene as "Psychill" & "Psydub", is a genre of electronic music that combines elements of psychedelic trance, ambient, world music, new age and even ethereal wave. It often has many dub influences and can also sound somewhat like glitch. Psybient pieces are often structured around the concept of creating a "sonic voyage" or "musical journey". Although similar to psytrance's emphasis on maintaining non-stop rhythm throughout the night, psybient is far more focused on creating a vast soundscape that can be experienced over the length of an album, focusing less on beatmatching and allowing for a myriad of tempo changes., our joining policy is set to maintain the radios and remain true to our group, new members please feel free to hit the membership button at any time to join us ~ Love, Light and Peace :)

Sygnals debut album ~ Enter Light ~ was released earlier last year through Sonic Loom. Layered with Solid Psybient/Psychill and Progressive vibes, this album can be listened to through the Bandcamp page, via the image below, where it is also available as a digital download. The Sonic Loom website also has physical copies presented in digipak format here :

~ Click image for transport ~

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