the 5 th Beatle

  • the 5 th Beatle

    Certainly Neil Aspinalll WAS The 5tgh Beatle, Ans what an amazing job hes done over then years , ( Anthology, 3 double albums, The DVD Set, The No. 1 album + ALL the apple material , Thanks Neil + God rest ......

  • I think that the 5th Beatle and the 6th Stone was 'Billy Preston'

    "You could follow two paths in your life:
    One is ride a agreable carpet, It could let you to Hell;
    the Other is plagged of pain: It could be the 'Stairway to Heaven'"

  • I think that Eric Clapton and Billy Preston were the 5th Beatle

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    • Jan 13 2009, 20h59
    George Martin

  • George Martin of course.. and maybe every Beatleman is the 5th beatle

    you'll never walk alone..
  • George Martin!

    Recently Paul was on The Colbert Report, and Stephen Colbert asked if he was the fifth Beatle. Paul said no haha!

  • I also think it's George Martin.He helped the boys to improve their music ^^

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    • Mar 20 2009, 3h08
    Yeah, me thinks it was George Martin.

  • huh ?!

  • Billy Preston or Eric Clapton

  • george martin of course

  • Brian Epstein

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    • Mai 3 2010, 7h06

    • GeirO2 disse...
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    • Out 9 2011, 14h34
    Hard to pick # 5 Stay on the four, John, Paul, Gerge and Ringo

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