Classic Rock logos

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    • Out 6 2011, 3h04

    Classic Rock logos

    This thread is dedicated to , , , , etc.
    Make sure the logos submitted here are in this specific category
    and the general guidelines are followed.

    • Ana-9 disse...
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    • Out 8 2011, 9h40

  • ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)- Fixable?

    There is a logo in the database but it doesn't connect to the artist. It is currently listed as "Elo", but should be listed as "Electric Light Orchestra" due to re-direct.

  • Shaman's Harvest

    @FelpsMogoRisin, Shaman's Harvest does not fit in the Classic Rock thread. Perhaps the Pop thread is more appropriate.

  • ELO

    @turntostone2, I'll look into ELO. Most likely there just needs to be a second logo with the other name.

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    • Out 18 2011, 13h33
    Black Widow: ADDED

    Thank you!

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    • Out 18 2011, 16h23


  • Approved

    Approved: Mr. Big, Black Widow, INXS, and Jeff Beck. Thanks!

  • @achosmichippo, I didn't approve the Black Crowes and Steve Morse because the logos are too obscure (not the artists, mind you). I understand that the Black Crowes never seemed to nail down an "official" logo, but I would think their most recognizable would be the one on Shake Your Money Maker.

    For Steve Morse, I cannot find the sample provided on any album covers, or on the official Steve Morse site. (It's similar to Structural Damage, but not the same.) Could you please submit a more "official" logo?

  • @turntostone2, I have resubmitted the existing ELO logo to be used for Electric Light Orchestra.

    • MetalDex disse...
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    • Out 26 2011, 12h01
  • @MetalDex, That Rory Gallagher logo is very nice, but does not conform to submission guidelines. The logo should be 150-160 pixels wide. Plus, it's also recommended they not exceed 120 pixels in height.

  • I guess I should put my own submissions up here, so we don't get duplicate requests.

    • MetalDex disse...
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    • Out 27 2011, 15h55
  • Approved: Journey, Rory Gallagher

  • Approved: Billy Idol, The Jam, John Lennon, Rod Stewart, Boston, Fastway.

    @ShesAnUziLover: Bruce Springsteen already exists. ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) already exists. (I love the ELO logo you provided, but it doesn't work when the image is inverted, when viewing white-on-black.)

    @JoaoPedroJC: The Boston logo was a little to large and needed to have the excess white space cropped off. I took care of it.

  • Ah my bad. Couldn't find The E Street Band in the list as it has plus signs in the name instead of spaces.

    Roxy Music (BETTER QUALITY)

    • Arientar disse...
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    • Nov 8 2011, 17h19

    Blue Öyster Cult

    Blue Öyster Cult

    Blue Öyster Cult (BÖC) are the classic rock band, and they're great. This logo should be in this addon for

    - Excellent music, my lord
    - FUCK YEAH!
  • Gary Numan CURRENT LOGO

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    • yx666 disse...
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    • Nov 13 2011, 15h21
    why not show the logo of the doors?

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