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Despite the name of the group we like Manowar. We hate Anti-Manowar Nazis and their Nu-metal, gay alternative/electronic, shit-core and emo bands.

Nu-metal is the most pretentious, the most overrated, the most gayest and the most embarrassing failure in the history of metal. They have had no impact on metal at all, these guys are stupid fucking idiots who dress like fagots and they all should be shot in the face! They call themselves "nu metal" when their music is just some stupid ass cheesy rock and barking...not to mention the music is absolutely primitive, boring and recycled. They always play the same crap and sing about how "cool" they're, stupid posers! In other words they're the worst fucking bands ever. So just take your head out of your ass and listen to some GOOD music. This is not subjective, Nu-metal is so terrible that it goes far beyond matter of taste. If you like Nu-metal you're mentally diseased.

Fuck Nu-metal and other wimp-ass alt rock, electronic noise and shit-core bands: Slipknot, Raunchy, Haujobb, Methadrone, Limp Bizkit, Mnemic, Muse, Charon, The Psyke Project, Download, Solefald, Smashing Pumpkins, Soulfly, Converge, Foo Fighters, Tool, Korn, Amon Tobin, RATM, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, Nirvana, Headplate, Armani Death Machine, Garbage, Vanilla Ice, Deftones, Pitchshifter, Incubus, 4Lyn, Eminem, Pearl Jam, The Locust, Public Enemy and all their retarded fans, if you're not with us, you're below us!

Check this out for a good LOL:
Visit our sister group Anti-Manowar

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