Amarok 2.4.3 /w strange scrobbling

    • scbunn disse...
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    • Nov 14 2011, 12h14

    Amarok 2.4.3 /w strange scrobbling

    So I've switched from gnome to KDE and thus came back to Amarok after along time, however, the scrobbling appears to be just horrible.

    * tracks are randomly scrobbled, sometimes it scrobbles tracks and sometimes it doesnt.

    * it randomly decided to change the name of my artitsts. I listen to a track by one artist and it scrobbles the track as something totally completely different.

    anybody experience any of this?

  • Same here...
    I've no solution, yet.

  • I haven't notice this. I'd fill bugreport for your distro..

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    • scbunn disse...
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    • Nov 19 2011, 23h35
    I'm currently running Fedora 16 KDE, but I'm not sure yet if this is an issue with Amarok or something with Doing some testing with other players/scrobblers first.

  • I've only a problem with Amarok, Exaile etc work fine. I'll do a report the next days...
    Maybe I should try the new beta first.

    My distro is Ubuntu 11.10 btw, so it's really strange that it seems that there are not many more people affected by the problem.

  • I'm with DrKolossos, Amarok 2.4.3 is not scrobbling on my Ubuntu 11.10 distro either.

    It's a shame, because Amarok used to scrobble perfectly, without fail, on Ubuntu 10.10.

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