Who Have You Seen Live?

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 10 2008, 2h43

    Who Have You Seen Live?

    I've seen RJD2, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Kid Koala, and Dälek live...they were all pretty good, but my favorites are RJD2 and Kid Koala.

    has anyone seen Prefuse 73 live, i bet that was fuckin awesome?

    • irotas disse...
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    • Abr 10 2008, 15h20
    I've seen Moby live 3 times - awesome shows :)

    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
    • rzewiuza disse...
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    • Abr 14 2008, 7h08
    i've seen Bonobo with his Live Band - pretty amazing I must say (very jazzy with a bit of soul music).

    • n1k0v disse...
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    • Abr 15 2008, 12h14
    i seen Prefuse 73 live in Moscow its GREAT ) very tasty ))) yami

  • I have seen The Bug live and it was absolutely mental, oh and Mr Scruff when I was completely blitzed on mushrooms. Was great, they were serving tea and cake in the club for all the pill heads and stoners. Other than that, quite a few local Grime and Dub Step artists but not too much hip-hop or well known (outside of the uk I mean) stuff.

    • SaSqreem disse...
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    • Mai 8 2008, 18h10
    seen massive attack in 2003

    • SaSqreem disse...
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    • Mai 8 2008, 18h12
    seen massive attack in 2003

    • musikami disse...
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    • Mai 9 2008, 17h10
    I've seen DJ Krush - very, very good!

  • Shadow rocked my world as a DJ one night in st. louis. blackalicious opened, and latyrx. it was amazing.

  • MC Lyte, Lords of the Underground, Chubb Rock, X-Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Procussions, Consequence, Das Efx, Butta Verses, Arrested Development, Rhymefest, V.I.T.A.L Emcee...

    thats all I can remember at the moment... mostly vocal acts.

    • Jimmert disse...
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    • Mai 17 2008, 12h24
    DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Kid Koala.

    A friend of mine dragged me to The Hard Sell show in Amsterdam, which got me into the music. Still pretty new, always open to new stuff.

  • DJ Shadow & DJ Krush Headz Tour 1994
    PBW & Madlib + Free Beer = Goodtimes
    Others Live: Ulgy Duckling, Edan, DJ Woody, Paul Barman, Lord Finess, Dilated Peoples & Supernatural, Grand Master Flash, Nightmares On Wax, Sirconcial, The Roots 3x, J5 Numark & Cutmist, Blackalicious, DJ Cam, Anti Pop Consortium, Beastie Boys & Mix Master Mike, Cut Chemist LP Tour, Qbert Wave Twisters Tour :), Rahzel 2x, Kenny Dope, Squarepusher 3x, Ice Cube & Da Lench Mob,
    And a few others...

    I've been lucky

    • musikami disse...
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    • Mai 18 2008, 16h48
    oh yes, indeed! and busy too.

    • ghindo disse...
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    • Jan 6 2010, 0h32
    I've gotten to see Shadow, Shadow/Cut Chemist, RJD2 and FlyLo. RJD2 was pretty good, FlyLo was amazing. I would recommend seeing any of these fine gentlemen, but FlyLo especially.

  • Seen it all

  • Lorn 6 times. Dj krush. Flying lotus. Moby. Daedalus. All were on poooint!

    "Homies help homies..."
  • i've seen Onra))

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