johnson or scott?

  • The both are perfects!

    • pas321 disse...
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    • Abr 3 2011, 22h07
    The two, each had their time

  • I Simply love them both but as i always say when someone asks me that question:

    Bon Scott 51%
    Brian Johnson 49%

    I Like Bon Scott a little bit more than Johnson.

    Black Sabbath-er.
    • Meydern disse...
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    • Abr 6 2011, 21h21
    Both are fcking awesome!! \m/

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 5 2011, 17h16

    johnson or scott -> my opinion

    If you had the luck and saw AC/DC live with both of them (i had it :-)!) you must say (my opinion): Bon Scott (R.I.P. Bon - keep on rockin' with all the "others" there in R'n'R-Heaven)!!!

    • naabwolf disse...
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    • Dez 12 2011, 1h21
    Bon Scott

  • Both are talented, I love them, but Bon's my number one... I love his way of singing - like he have an orgasm

    • GodOfRnR disse...
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    • Fev 14 2012, 16h47
    Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott ;D

    • BoBs933 disse...
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    • Mai 2 2012, 17h55
    Bon Scott конечно

  • Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Brian had more overall power on both high and low notes and better range, but his voice got worn out really bad, and he often forgot lyrics and couldn't perform as good live as in the studio. Bon had a really good sounding voice (Brian too, but not quite as good), and being a general badass and all, he was much better with the front man role.

    Both great singers nonetheless.

    • cmbru disse...
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    • Jul 18 2012, 17h27

    Bon Scott <3

    Brian Johnson is a great singer, but Bon Scott is the best one.

  • Bon Scott

    • Suveran disse...
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    • Ago 19 2012, 15h33
    Brian Johnson

    The good generates Good
    • gaviao65 disse...
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    • Out 12 2012, 23h28
    Bon Scott

  • maybe Bon Scott)

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