The lastest concert/festival you´ve been?

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    • Ago 31 2010, 13h30

    The lastest concert/festival you´ve been?

    Well,where was it?How was it?Whose was it?bla bla...Share with all here.

  • The last concert I saw was Y&T with Icarus Witch and Dofka at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh. Arrived as Dofka were finishing their set because they started the show early, which was a bit disappointing. Icarus Witch were really good; their former vocalist and current vocalist did a duet of Def Leppard's Mirror Mirror, which was amazing. Y&T played a pretty big set, which was really cool. It was also their first time playing at a restaurant, apparently. T'was a great show.

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  • Last friday Revamp with Insomnia as support in Hedon Zwolle, good concert overall until Floor started to cover that dreaded Lady Gaga still have nightmares sort of speak :D

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    • Set 21 2010, 11h24
    Who was it?
    Testament (w/ fore-arm and dreadnaught)

    Where was it?
    Billboards, Melbourne, Australia

    How was it?
    Was pretty mental, alot of non moshers but just standing on the outside of the pit to push you back in. As for Testament they played alot of receant and not enough earlier stuff so i was very dissapointed with that :( still had a good time but.

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    • Nov 5 2010, 18h25
    Anthrax (with Joey)

    Where was it
    Hengelo, Netherlands

    How was it?
    it was reasonably small, and there was some amazing moshing, Anthrax played mostly earlier stuff (mostly from Among the Living) and even threw in Metal Trashing Mad, it was their second time in the netherlands, and i had a great time moshing and headbanging.

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    • Nov 5 2010, 21h09
    who: Anathema

    where: Frankfurt, Batschkapp

    how: Awesome. Great atmosphere. Venue was sold out (well, I think just 300-500 people fit in there).

  • Well, the last concert I've been - Joe Satriani at Moscow. It was really great

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    • Dez 4 2010, 12h47
    Soulfly... finally got too see Max so that shit was awesome..

    I am seeing Forbidden in about a week or so, then Halford a week after, then Exumer. jealous?

  • Last big gig was Iron Maiden in Sheffield. Support from Airbourne who I really liked.

    Superb show, sold out arena and I had standing tickets :-) Full on awesome.

    Non- big act stuff, would have been Pink Hearse and The Marching Men in Bradford a couple of weeks ago. Crap venue, no atmosphere and Pink Hearse sucked. The Marching Men were their usual self.

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    • Out 25 2011, 20h13
    Anthrax with Testament and Death Angel at the House Of Blues in San Diego. i missed about several mintues of Death Angel because the line was too slow but finally got in. it was one of the best shows I've ever been to in my entire life. the moshpit was crazy too. i'll never forget it.

  • Metal Hammer Festival Poland,summer 2011
    Vader,Exodus,Morbid Angel,Judas Priest and some other smaller bands :D
    Was fuckin awesome.
    Rob Halford still kicks ass


    where? La Paz - Bolivia

    How it was?

    It was amazing! it was a small place, not too many people but the ones who went were all like "bros" lol, nice mosh!! i really enjoyed it lml

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  • Who? KAT (polish Thrash Metal band)
    Where? Lublin, Poland
    How it was? It was fuckin' awesome! I was drunk, but I remember that day. I jumped on the scene... And that was great. How many people? 200-300. Atmosphere was great.

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    • Dez 4 2011, 9h56
    Wacken open air

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    • Set 11 2012, 12h03
    Wacken Open Air 2012

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    • Mai 12 2013, 13h34
    Raging Steel Festival Balingen Germany

    Storm Warning

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