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This is the home of soulful 80's tunes. Come here to step back in time to one of the best eras for R&B music. Reminisce about artists/bands such as Cheryl Lynn, Luther Vandross, Loose Ends, The...

Welcome to the 80s R&B/Soul group, the home

of all the 80s old school R&B/Soul music

you could think of!

Anyone can join as long as they like R&B/Soul music of the 1980's!

Take a step back in time to one of the best decades of R&B/Soul music!
Feel free to start your own thread in the forum and get chatting about all your favourite 80's R&B/Soul bands and artists.

We now have 696 group members!
(as of 29th October 2010)

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Your Favourite 80s R&B songs

These are just some of many of your favourite songs taken from the Favourite 80s R&B Songs discussion, free for you to listen to right here! To listen, click the play button by the side of the track you want to hear below:

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