• Album of the Month: Anthropocentric

    Dez 20 2011, 17h12 por RosesOfTomorrow

    This Month's album is Anthropocentric by The Ocean.

    The First Glance:

    The beautiful album cover with all its' symmetric details would certainly get my attention in the record store! The cover tells a story, and it's nearly obvious, that it's
    a philosophical concept album.

    Deeper dive into the album:

    Heavy, atmospheric and technical guitars lure the listener into a gigantic wall of sound. Bursting without mercy out of the tissue of the space. Anthropocentric is like an audiobook describing this event, an ideological metamorphosis, it's intro to the very end, and aftermath. The album has many unexpected turns.

    The Plus

    + Concept album
    + Wonderful vocals
    + Powerful atmosphere
    + Thoughtful lyrics
    + Beautiful art

    The Minus

    - Some of the tracks feel like fillers, they are just made to hold up the atmosphere, as an intermission to the mind-blowing journey.


    1. Anthropocentric 09:24
    2. The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazov Baseness 05:02
    3. She Was the Universe 05:39
    4. For He That Wavereth... 02:06
    5. The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts 06:33
    6. The Grand Inquisitor III: A Tiny Grain of Faith 01:55
    7. Sewers of the Soul 03:44
    8. Wille Zum Untergang 06:02
    9. Heaven TV 05:03
    10. The Almightiness Contradiction 04:34
    11. The Grand Inquisitor IV: Exclusion From Redemption [ Limited Edition/Vinyl Bonus Track ]

    Album genre(s): Progressive/Atmospheric Sludge/Post-hardcore
    Year: 2010
    Label: Metal Blade Records

    Robin Staps- Guitars, Synthesizer
    Loïc Rossetti - Vocals
    Louis Jucker- Bass
    Luc Hess - Drums
    Jonathan Nido - Guitars

    Esther Monnat Cello - Track 10
    Céline Portat Viola - Track 10
    Estelle Beiner - Violin - Track 10
    Dalai Theofilopoulou- Cello - Track 10
    Mitch Hertz- Guitars (lead) - Track 7
    Sheila Aguinaldo- Vocals (female) - - Track 6

    Julien Fehlmann- Engineering, Mixing
    R. Staps- Producer
    Svante Forsbäck- Mastering
    Martin Kvamme -Artwork

    Country: Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland

    Final/Average: A (Amazing album, truly the top products of 2010!)

    They nailed thousands of non-believers to their crude symbol of love
    The myth that man is the crown of God's creation
    Breeds the excuse to deplete the Earth today
    The myth that man is the crown of God's creation
    Supports our present anthropocentric misconception...

    Thank you for reading this :3 -Alex
  • Album of the Month: Untrue

    Set 17 2011, 17h30 por RosesOfTomorrow

    This Month's album is Untrue by Burial.

    The First Glance:

    The cartoonish, but still lovely CD Cover is really urban, and it's working! A guy sitting with a hot steaming coffee. Lovely. Urban landscape, a possible city...

    The Plus

    +Song titles
    +Urban, minimal but at the same time vast ambience
    +Dark, lovely

    The Minus

    -There is nothing wrong with the flow of this CD, but you need to be focused if you want to truly enjoy!


    1. Untitled 0:45
    2. Archangel 3:59
    3. Near Dark 3:53
    4. Ghost Hardware 4:54
    5. Endorphin 2:57
    6. Etched Headplate 6:00
    7. In McDonalds 2:09
    8. Untrue 6:16
    9. Shell Of Light 4:41
    10. Dog Shelter 2:58
    11. Homeless 5:26
    12. UK 1:42
    13. Raver 4:58

    Album genre(s): Proto-dubstep/2-step/UK Garage/R'n'B
    Year: 2007
    Label: Hyperdub

    Photography – Georgina Cook
    Written-By, Producer – Burial

    Final/Average Grade

    Thank you for reading, and sorry about the delay of the series, I felt like I had to do something, and decided to review this. :) -Alex
  • Marcell and The Truth - Symbols (album review)

    Mai 6 2010, 5h34 por Mr_Muzik_Hunta

    Marcell & The Truth

    There are not many soul/r&b bands around these days. The question becomes why that is so. One can say that hip-hop and its commercial success has killed many aspects of R&B/ Soul music, by putting the weight of creativity in the beat and hook instead of the featured artist. As a former singer I will tell you it takes a real talent and discipline to perform with a live band as oppose to a produced track. With that said it can be safe to say (these days) not many of today's singers may possess such talents and the era of the soul band is dead. I am going to present evidence contrary to that belief. Marcell and The Truth are a collective soul of extraordinary talents. Not since a group named Change that featured a then unknown Luther Vandross has there been a band whose sound is such a wide spectrum of soul with such beautiful instrumental and lyrical content.

    Marcell and The Truth return with their sophomore project titled Symbols. The sound on this album shows tremendous growth and incorporates equal parts of gospel, jazz and soul. Marcell’s smoky smooth vocals lead this band of musical geniuses who create and move the mood with the simple nuance of a note. Lyrically Marcell sings of minor moments of love and make them grand and special. There is a story behind every groove and you can’t help but fall in love or contemplate the prospect of falling in love. Marcell sings with so much compassion in the songs “You Saved Me” and “Just to be loved” that a love song becomes spiritual in how he moves the listener with his emotional performance. There are so many standout tracks for so many reasons I cannot list them all in this review. “Symbols” is a musical journey down a path less traveled but yet so familiar. Marcell and The Truth’s album Symbols is an extraordinary example of what a real love and talent for music sounds like.

    Reviewed by Ayejay ‘Da Muzik Hunta’Marcell And The Truth
  • Mainstream test

    Abr 10 2009, 23h55 por EnfermoCerebro

    Find the number of listeners for your top 25 artists.

    Cold - 234,232 listeners
    Papa Roach - 759,775 listeners
    Marilyn Manson - 899,946 listeners
    Pain - 151,082 listeners
    Exilia - 50,857 listeners
    Ünloco - 82,891 listeners
    Nickelback - 945,355 listeners
    Dope - 234,532 listeners
    Soilwork - 205,563 listeners
    Слот - 19,463 listeners
    Revelation Theory - 34,860 listeners
    Crossfade - 249,004 listeners
    SOiL - 222,526 listeners
    Saliva - 308,246 listeners
    Charon - 90,517 listeners
    Entwine - 93,321 listeners
    Delain - 50,162 listeners
    Atreyu - 359,388 listeners
    Scorpions - 580,892 listeners
    Theory of a Deadman - 164,378 listeners
    In This Moment - 37,708 listeners
    Ill Niño - 280,917 listeners
    Breaking Benjamin - 551,551 listeners
    Zeromancer - 64,486 listeners
    Guano Apes - 472,026 listeners

    Total: 7,143,578

    Divide by 25.

    Average: 285743.12

    Divide by the number of Coldplay listeners. (2,197,746 )

    = 0,130016444

    Multiply by 100 and round, if necessary.

    13% Mainstream