Inspired by Buddy Holly

  • Inspired by Buddy Holly

    Buddy Holly was one of the great legends of his time. Has he inspired any one else with his music? True Love Ways

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    Buddy Rock On!

    Well, er, yes! Lets see. There was Tommy Roe. There was the Rolling Stones. There was the Beatles. There was The Crickets, themselves, after Buddy died. There was a stage musical which plays to full houses wherever it goes which features a Buddy Holly clone in every production.

    Danish duo The Raveonettes took their name from "Rave On" and the duo pays homage to Holly with a cover version of his "Everyday" on their "Pretty in Black" album. They also played a short set in tribute to Buddy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as part of the opening ceremony of an exhibit honoring him

    Fans of alternative rock have mimicked Buddy's overall style eg. Weezer donned horn rimmed glasses and cardigans in the early 1990's. They even wrote a song called "Buddy Holly" which is one of their most popular tracksto date.

    More modern acts which have covered his songs include R.E.M, The Stray Cats, The Lemonheads, Husker Du, Blind Faith, Erasure, Elvis Costello, Flamin' Groovies, Beki Bondage, MxPx, The Knack, Pearl Jam, and Rogue Wave.

    So, yeah, he's definitely had an influence

  • MAJOR Influence!

    The Polecats do a racing version of "Down the Line" that is absolutely out of this world. Blondie also covered "I'm Gonna Love You Too." There are Buddy Holly impersonators as well, and Elvis Costello has not only covered some of Buddy's stuff, but--uh---look, back in his younger day, Costello was a DEAD RINGER BUDDY HOLLY LOOK-ALIKE. I'm talkin' Costello pre-hair-and-freakball-beard stage (you know. . . when he looked GOOD). Stray Cats covered "Oh Boy" and another one, I think, but maybe I'm remembering wrong. You know what would be great, though, would be a psychobilly send-up of "The Holly Hop," my personal Buddy fave.

  • inspiration by way of harsh treatment

    huh... he inspired bob dylan by... firing him

    Nick Charles: "Now, Mommy, you know better than to come to a place like this your first day out of bed. What if the health officers find out? They'll put you right back in quarantine."
    Nora Charles: "I won't stay in quarantine. I don't care who catches it!"

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