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My Last.fm account doesn't scrobble anymore

  • My Last.fm account doesn't scrobble anymore


    My Last.fm account doesn't scrobble anymore. This is not the first time, but then I solved the problem by myself. I use Windows media player and sometimes the plugin wasn't selected. This is not the problem this time. Another thing is select enable scrobbling, but that's also not the problem. I have no idea what else can be the problem. Can you help me?

    Another weird thing is that it doesn't scrobble anymore both on my pc and my laptop.

    I hope to hear from you soon and that you can help me.


  • It works alright for me now. Have you installed the beta scrobbler? It might be that, switch to the old one

  • No I haven't got. On my pc is possibly the problem that there aren't drivers installed. But that can't be the problem on my laptop.

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