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will lastfm work on this?

  • will lastfm work on this?

    Im getting an iMac powerbook this week and Im not sure wether the lastfm client for macs would work on this


    mine is the £750 one on the left.
    If anyone can have a look and tell me wether lastfm would be ok, could you tell me.
    Thank you.

    • muz disse...
    • Alumni
    • Out 9 2006, 18h31
    Last.fm should work on that machine fine, as per any other Mac.

  • thanks

    • halnine disse...
    • Usuário
    • Out 14 2006, 4h15
    Great way to plug a product. Dunno why, but I just giggled out loud.

  • well, i would recommend it.
    got it yesterday and installed the lastfm client for mac and it works fine.

    me happy!

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